Top 10% of Americans enjoy an average of 74 alcoholic drinks per week


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74 a week? Yow!
That reminds me. My boozy root beer should be cold enough now.


Sounds legit.

74 a week at say $2 each on average…
That’s a mortgage.


Well if you are not buying at the bar anyway. I dunno the last time I even got a PBR while out somewhere for less than $3.


some researchers are starting to urge public health officials to focus more on the dangers posed by alcohol…

Isn’t that adorable! Researchers expect to have an impact on policy!


It’s not my mortgage… :frowning:

I dare anyone to drink 74 PBRs in a week (or in a lifetime).


Don’t I know it. The local watering hole is $4.25 for a beer, and $6 for a glass of wine. So I have to assume people that pound 70+ a week divide it between two buck chuck and going out. Thus $2 a serving.

Just a guesstimate though (hiccup) :slight_smile:


Maybe they just buy the drinks but don’t drink 'em? Or use them… otherwise? A couple of fellas who bathe in champagne once a week could skew the statistics quite a bit, I’d think.

Also what about people who regularly buy rounds at bars? Is this statistic about true consumption as in drinking or as in buying?


74? Lightweights.


I remember the time when I was young I drank a six pack of pbr. Can’t tell you what was worse, the spinning of the burping.


Is there an actual percentage of alcohol being measured here? Are we comparing a beer to scotch on the rocks as 1:1 or more like 1:5+.? I can see seasoned alcoholics drinking hard liquor more than a case of beer a day. (Although I know someone that does probably drink that much beer.)


And that 10% is celebrating the results of this survey because this is the first time they’ve ever been on top of anything.


Damn. I remember when $5 would buy a pitcher.


10 drinks a day keeps the doctor away?



Yahoo answers:Is drinking a fifth of whiskey a day considered an alcoholic?


Away, but on standby


I hate to admit it but I can absolutely put away ten in a day.

…with a midday nap, and a very greasy cheese burger.


Yeah, but every day? And not just for like a week or two?


Do I look like Archer?

Actually, don’t answer that.