Top 50 most popular non-fiction podcasts in 2015

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Ok I have odd tastes but WTF no No Such Thing As A Fish?


Sad that Zero Squared didn’t make it, but it is pretty new.

Too bad Le Show didn’t make the list.

How did Lore not make the list? It’s gotten huge fast because it is amazing horrifying looks at history. It start in 2015 and is already topping charts in iTunes (#12).

As with any list, YMMV… Some of them I’m listened to, more than once. A number of them, I don’t understand other folks’ fascination with. A few of them I unsubscribed after listening to dozens of episodes, when I understood I was always listening to them at double speed.

One not on that list but should be on yours: Oral Argument by Joe Miller and Christian Turner. “A podcast about law, law school, legal theory, and other nerdy things that interest us.”

Lots of good suggestions in both the list and the comments. Thanks!!
Now, what I really need is a suggestion for good podcasts in Japanese,… anyone?

Edit to add my suggestion to everyone: Witness (by the BBC) 9-10 minutes per episode.

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As mentioned elsewhere, I’m not a massive podcast consumer, but along with The Infinite Monkey Cage (on the list) and Night Vale, I also listen to (and would recommend) Richard Herring’s Leicester Square Theatre Podcast, Rum Doings, and Kermode & Mayo’s film reviews.

I used to listen to Judge John Hodgman, but it was too long, and it tails off rapidly after the start of each episode. Sorry, @japhroaig!


I tried at one time or another to keep up with twelve of these, but after I found the In Our Time and Witness archives and started drinking, I haven’t had time for The Moth, etc.

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Well, there’s a british TV show called QI, for Quite Interesting. Sort of factoid trivia show with panels of celebrities, mostly comedians. It’s been hosted by Stephen Fry, who is stepping down at the end of this season.

There’s a group of people who work on the facts for the show, called the “QI Elves” - some of them do a podcast, called No Such Thing as a Fish. It’s named after a quote from Stephen J Gould, a Biologist, who conluded that after a lifetime studying fish, there’s no such thing.

It’s really quite good.

I’m curious if you considered diversity when putting together your initial list of suggestion.

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