Top Cuomo aide resigns after victim speaks out

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So basically her response was

jay z reaction


Once the kapos start giving up, it’s over.


Just as was shown during the Christie Bridgegate fiasco (or by Mango Mussolini), the method and tone of a political team is set at the top. When a powerful political figure manages to gather protective aides who will ruthlessly defend despite the rot at the top, it is clear that that figure has to go.

We see time and time again, that too much power corrupts even the most well intentioned politician, and there are damned few of those. At the least, it leads them to believe in their own infallibility, and to justify their most self-serving acts. Eventually, if they escape scrutiny for too long, they lose connection with any sense of morality, and they immerse themselves in hypocrisy. For Cuomo, it looks like the chickens have come home to roost.


Before we get into “See, the Dems are just as bad as the Republicans!” which seems to be inevitable, in situations like this we tend to turn on the abusers with some ferocity rather than covering up and excusing. While it would be unquestionably better to, you know, not be an abuser, I guess next best is to assure that abusers face consequences. This is very not “just the same.”


I was struck that she not only was willing to keep working for Cuomo but did dirty work for him. Then I realised that there probably isn’t any middle ground between “not willing to work for Andrew Cuomo” and “willing to do anything to protect Andrew Cuomo”.


would love to see trump experience any repercussion over his many years of bad behavior.


Here’s hoping, but if he does, it will be only due to Republicans being unable to fully control things anymore.


As a NYS resident, I wish the hell that Cuomo would resign and save the taxpayers in incalculable amount of money and shame. And by Jeebus we need to fix Albany. It’s a mess of corruption and collusion. We can do better, New York.


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