Top Gun: Maverick dethrones Avengers: Endgame at the domestic box office

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I’d argue that “Maverick” is a superhero movie, armed with an absurd budget.


Great /s. TDDC (Too Long, Didn’t Care). Is the dollar amounts adjusted to a common value of dollar?

@dnealy You meant Infinity War, not Endgame, right?

edit: It’s fixed now. Thanks!


I haven’t seen it but I keep hearing from people with hugely varied movie taste “It isn’t the kind of movie I usually watch, but Top Gun was really, really good”. I’ve become spoiled with streaming at home and haven’t been back in a theater yet so we’ll see (if The Black Phone didn’t get me back into a movie theater I don’t think anything will).


There were about 10 DC and Marvel live action movies released in 2021. There were 400 Us and Canadian movies released in 2021. The narrative “all rhe greenlit movies seem to be comic book movies” is weird and wrong.

ETA: I know I’m commenting on a story on box office and am feeding the beast, but I never felt it was a good measure of a movie’s merit. I liked Mystery Men, the original Blade Runner and Terry Gilliam’s work, and keep reading how they were “failures” based on box office.


It’s really fun. It’s also stupid with a really contrived plot, but it has a big heart and isn’t embarrassed about some of the components of the original it probably should be.

It is not, however some harbinger or portent of some new shift in cinema. I see no difference between overwrought superhero films and, say cowboy pictures of the 40s & 50s. Films have always been stupid and mostly crappy. They still are. And people spend boatloads of money going to the biggest and dumbest ones. A blockbuster with merit is exceedingly rare if you’re not viewing the history of film with rose-tinted 3D glasses.

What does Too Gun: Maverick mean for the future of cinema? Does Bruce Banner need to get a job at Lowe’s because he can’t get superhero work anymore? Will the second Avatar make us exclaim “Tom Cruise who!?!”

Nothing much, no and no.


There are so many of these Marvel films that even I got confused. Lol

Maybe Tom Cruise has a point. Thanks for tip.


More silly raving on stats:
104 Tom Hanks movies
74 Tom Cruise movies (many formulaic)
29 MCU movies (mostly formulaic)

Is it problematic that all movies must have a Tom to be successful? No, because that’s not a thing.

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