How much money top movies made charted by days since release

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Both Titanic and Avatar are showing a steadily increasing total, which is precisely how I recall both performing in theatres.

Episode VII is overhyped and overrated. It’s a decent movie, if you don’t mind watching the same movie as Episode IV with a few minor alterations, but it is not nearly as good as the reviews I’ve read. There were two times I laughed out loud, otherwise I sat bored or disappointed in the utter predictability of the plot.


These comparisons always use non-inflation adjusted dollars, which always makes the movie of the moment seem more successful than it really is.

But that’s impossible! There are pirates! Yarrrh!


It is absolutely MADDENING to me that movie sales records are tabulated and compared in terms of dollars instead of number of tickets sold. It makes ABSOLUTELY NO SENSE WHATSOEVER, and at the rate that movie ticket prices are increasing, it makes it impossible to compare new releases even to 2009’s Avatar, much less “Gone With the Wind” or “The Wizard of Oz”.


Exactly. I think people just are so happy that it was better than the prequels that they are willing to overlook just how uncreative it was. Honestly, the “extended universe” novels were rightly criticized for being derivative, but I don’t recall any of them being quite so derivative.


Despite all the similarities, and leaning over to my daughter (who was seeing her first Star Wars Movie In The Theatre) and saying “It worked the last two times, so let’s blow this one up in exactly the same way”, I thought it was very enjoyable. Perhaps, because A New Hope was a checkpoint in my life, I felt emotions during those similar moments, ahem, awaken something in my soul. I feel that maybe this movie is BEST enjoyed by someone old with someone young, a passing of the saber, as it were. Kind of like in the movie.


IIRC Avatar (which I still haven’t seen) was a much more globally successful film than most of the other big films, and it was unusual in that it didn’t tail off like most.

TFA doesn’t open in China until 2016, but I read something suggesting that SW isn’t a massive franchise there and the box office performance in Japan is lower than you’d expect if it was going to pass Avatar.

To YOU, perhaps. I found it an immensely enjoyable film, DESPITE it’s incredible similarities to plot points from episodes 4-7. Hell, perhaps BECAUSE of that similarity. It was like sitting down with an old friend after a long time apart, and just getting right back into all those same old patterns with each other. It hit all the right notes. And yeah, there were quite a few flaws, but let’s not pretend like episodes 4-6 were flawless gems either.

And not only that, it doesn’t take into account inflated ticket prices either. My local theatres didn’t have $20 VIP options when Avatar came out, where you could buy booze and stuff. They’ve got all that now.

That’s what I was talking about above - Avatar and Titanic were both unusual in that they sort of just kept rising and rising (err, no pun intended on the Titanic, I guess).

It could be that people have different opinions on what they like and use different criteria than you do. Just sayin’

I liked it, in part because of the similarities. I felt it did a good job re-cementing itself to the first three episodes using that mechanism and it was appropriate for the first new movie coming out after the prequels to take that route to set the stage for future movies to be able to take more risks.

Besides, a lot of the ‘it has X just like the first movie’ bits are a bit contrived. In many of those cases they’re tied to larger cinematic tropes (ships dogfighting through odd terrain, etc.) and the others felt plenty appropriate to me as an homage.

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Also, Titanic and Avatar both show a much stronger “weekend viewers” effect (in technical terms: the line keeps wiggling) throughout the chart, whereas for the other movies that tails off after the first few weeks.

Yeah. I’m curious to see if Force Awakens will have similar behaviour. I know I’m planning on going to see it a third time either this upcoming weekend, or the weekend after.

This was the article I was thinking of.

The revenue for Jurassic world still boggles my mind. I love Chris Pratt, but the movie was awful. You couldn’t pay me to watch it again.

Titanic and Avatar show a very different trend to the others. It’s probably because of not being a franchise (and managing to be huge anyway because James Cameron)

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