James Cameron on Avatar sequels: “You will shit yourself with your mouth wide open.”




I guess that’s appropriate in a sequel for Avatar, considering I felt I was being spoon fed shit during the first movie.


You didn’t like how Dances with Smurfs proposed that a white human is better at being a tribal alien than any of the tribal aliens (who were, you know, actually born and raised in the culture)?


Thanks for the imagery, Mr. Cameron. That’s some pretty slick pre-production PR, there. Boy, I can’t wait…


Or is he doing a sequel to The Human Centipede?


“Project Ouroboros”


Special glasses for part one, special seating for part two


Two films, one cup?


I highly doubt I’ll be shitting myself or even watching the sequels for that matter, the first movie was boring as hell.


I liked the movie better when it was called “Dances with Wolves”


So we’ll be yawning and bored shit-less. Sounds about right.


Winner of thread, right here.


I saw it as Ferngully in Space.


I thought Avatar was pretty derivative and had some offensive tropes, but it was okay as a movie. When I heard there would be two sequels, I had hopes… I mean, the movie’s called “Avatar” not “The Wonderful Wildlife of Pandora”, so I was hoping they might do a sequel where a different character did the “avatar” thing, but on a different world with a different alien race, in a completely different context. Maybe a spy thriller where a man has to pretend to be a member of an alien race that’s engaged in a cold war with humanity, to find out the specs of their secret weapon, or undercover in a “first contact” situation with a culture that’s roughly human-level but that doesn’t know aliens exist, or openly as part of a alliance (which in the alien cultures are ALWAYS sealed with marriages bearing mixed children), one human has to become a member of the alien race for the alliance to succeed. Explore a whole new ecology, and whole new themes, I could really get excited by that premise, each being like a completely different movie but linked by the “Avatar” concept (you might even expand the technology so they could impersonate specific people and do a low-budget one involving humans impersonating humans).

Then of course, I remembered this was Hollywood, and that of course they would just make the same movie over again in a slightly different part of the world.


I’ll shit myself in surprise if they actually come up with a half-decent original story and good writing.


And yet it is the top grossing movie of all time by more than $600,000,000 USD.


So, he’s making “Infinite Jest,” eh?


Display outside future Avatar movies.


“Avatar sequels will shit in your mouth,” got it.


Well, a certain minor percentage of that is due to the 3D markup, which few movies dared to do before Avatar.

How does it do in DVD and Blu-ray sales and rentals, I wonder? If ever there were a theatrical experience that you just can’t get at home, that’d be the one. It was an eyeful in the theater, but I’ve never been tempted to see it again, in any other context.