Top Trump officials may receive pay raises while government workers remain unpaid

It would be worth a lot more with a lock of his hair and some really sharp pins…



just a reminder that the Senate has enough votes to override a veto

McConnell is being a 100% pure a-hole to not allow a vote, he’s specifically empowering Individual-1

this could go on past the winter into spring, not sure if the House would respond to pressure to end it before the summer

now a huge fan for impeachment, not only will it end the shutdown, it will cause Individual-1 to be in immediate jeopardy for indictment (remember he has a five year window otherwise and could escape)


Stop. This is making an assumption that Trump knows a small detail about how the government functions that most people do not. I’m not ruling it out, but Trump’s shutdown was motivated by his ridiculous wall idea. Let’s not impute unlikely motives that raise estimations of his intelligence.


As per my earlier comment the original WaPo report says “unintended consequence”.

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Missed that comment. Thanks!

Okay, I hate to say this, but…

Considering the responsibilities of the positions, those are pretty crappy salaries even after the raise. Deans at public universities (two levels below the president or chancellor, whichever they are called) make more than that. And in the private sector? Ha!

Why is that bad? Because it makes it harder to find actually qualified folks to fill those jobs. So you end up with mega-rich assholes who are more concerned with how policies affect them than the general good.


As a counterpoint, you aren’t supposed to go into public service for the awesome pay. Not saying folks shouldn’t get a fair wage for their work but if you want to be diving into solid gold swimming pools, maybe it’s not the calling for you.


And I agree. But still…

A point system. A finite commission/bonus for each and every task that is a net positive for the public good.

Nah, they’ll never go for that.

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As the honey dippers say - it’s not only cream that rises to the top.


These people likely have a very different definition of “public good” than you or I do.




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