Top US patent judge resigns after ethics breach


Bye-bye transparent corporate TOOL. Don’t let the door hitcha in the ass.

BTW, you spelt his name differently: It’s Rader and Radar. Presumably the last one was an autocorrect glitch?

I don’t know if it’s the sharp teeth, the look in his eyes or both… but, he looks evil to me. I rarely say this, but the guy looks evil in my opinion. He should join a death metal band or something.

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He’s that rare breed of corporate tool that has never worked in private industry.

he looks a lot like the evil Mayor from season 3 of Buffy, except with less hygiene.


So, if I’m reading this right, he thinks the only ethical breach was encouraging the lawyer to share the letter?

Super best friends is a career limiting move? I don’t know what procedure was going on, and there isn’t a lot of e-mail lauding madness I see there, but I missed the tip. Is there a rule I’ve been missing where one has to take transformative baths on the ways between private sector, justice, fifth estate, etc?

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