Law professors file ethics complaint against Kellyanne Conway, seek sanction


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Fingers crossed (but not holding my breath).


She seriously made it into, through and out of law school?


Yeah, here’s hoping…


TIL Kellyanne Conway is a lawyer. I thought she was just some random conservative pundit maybe from Breitbart or the like. I guess the alternative facts bit makes more sense coming from a (bad) lawyer. She’s terrible at arguing though, so I guess it’s good she’s not a practicing lawyer.


Enjoying the delicious schadenfreude.


Very delicious.

Yeah . . . law school, WTF?

We need a word for the syndrome where educated people turn into creepy, reality-challenged sycophants in the presence of a powerful ego. Conway, that Miller guy, Spicer presumably.


Called it.


This is a waste of the limited resources of the D.C. bar’s disciplinary arm. There are practicing attorneys stealing money from their clients, and instead of investigating that, they’re going to have to spend time following up on a high-profile inactive member of the bar.


Al Capone was taken down via tax evasion charges.


And the average scumbag lawyer doesn’t typically have a direct line to the POTUS.


Public image matters, and we need to disincentivize the kind of behavior people like Conway and their ilk engage in any way we can.

By the time Andrew Wakefield faced a medical tribunal he was making more money as a paid consultant than as a gastroenterologist, but “discredited researcher loses medical license revoked for fraud and ethics violations related to autism claims” still had a big impact on what little remained of his credibility (and hopefully his income).


It’s like nibbling away at the outside of a cookie.
It’s going to take some time, but will eventually pay off.


How long has it been since higher education was equated with intelligence?


And why should the private accreditation body for professional lawyers be investigating criminal activity?


Lets not start pulling at the ethical threads in this Republican Administration…


If we’re relying on the D.C. bar’s disciplinary counsel to investigate and prosecute crimes, there are much larger problems than I realized.


I was waiting for someone to post that before I did.


She’s not worried. If she’s disbarred she’ll just start calling herself an “alternative lawyer.”


Schadenfreude is secretly enjoying the misfortune of your friends. Enjoying Conway’s misfortune, if it happens, is not shameful.