Law professors file ethics complaint against Kellyanne Conway, seek sanction

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I thought it was enjoying the misfortune of anyone.


I could be wrong, but my vague understanding is that if some mental illness was determined to be common enough, say some psychological syndrome, then it’s ‘significance’ could become diluted and simply drop off the neurologic map. Common stooges and boot-lickers are too pervasive for professional diagnosis. Still, Conway could still hit the big times and inspire new terms. Let’s think of some stuff NOW.

Because holding a license to practice law requires also upholding certain ethical standards. This body isn’t investigating “crimes,” it’s investigating possible violations of the professional code of conduct that those licensed agree to adhere to.


We’re not. The bar maintains professional standards. These law professors say there are clear-cut examples of her violating the professional ethics standards maintained by the D.C. Bar. There is no point in having any such ethical standards, if their violations do not get responded to, especially when the violations are public and highly damaging and egregious to our nation.


Roger That!


Then again, we have a President whose very Presidency is illegal due to ongoing violations of Article 1 Section 9 Clause 8 (Foreign Emoluments), and apparently Congress is fine with literally ignoring their sworn oaths to protect the Constitution, so who the hell knows. I’ve been calling my Congressman, freaking ELIJAH CUMMINGS, ranting at his office that I don’t understand how he issued a press release a few days before the inauguration speaking about his concerns about the foreign emoluments violations that would take place the moment Trump was inaugurated, and literally HAS NOT MENTIONED IT since the violations began! Why the Democrats aren’t screaming “impeachment” every single day as a unified voice… Well, let’s just say that I’ve now realized that this battle is going to need to be fought on the astral plane (and others), because if we rely on where things are in this density, we’re fucked. But I digress…


So like I thought; one needn’t actually be friends in order to feel schadenfreude.


The part that strikes me as odd is the “if she were just a politician, we wouldn’t be objecting” bit. A great number of the serial bullshitters who inhabit the US capitol building and white house are in fact, lawyers.

They do things that are varying degrees of unethical all the damn time.

Is every state bar association also tasked with punishing those other (mostly lawyer) politicians who lie to the public?

I know she’s a hateful sack of shit, but why does this start or end with her?


True. But apparently an “average scumbag lawyer” perfectly fills the bill for this administration.




I predict you will go far in this life.

[note the lack of any sarcasm, uncharacteristically I may add]


I like the cut of your jib.


Please Sir or Madam continue on, ad infinitum.

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Gladly! But somehow @NickyG’s quote got attributed to me there…


Because she is a woman. Why else?

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I stand corrected. I wonder where I heard that?


Perhaps. But I think the whole country would be better off if there was a visible downside to spewing fake “alternate facts”.


I’m going in full-hog. Is that a term? Oh good, says it is.

I’ve been somewhat aware of multidimensional reality since being a kid over 30 years ago. A major riddle that was given to me in a vision as a kid just got answered a couple weeks ago, and I like where it’s taking me. It’s highly strange territory, to be sure.

For instance, I’m pretty sure an astral octopus-looking thing that may have latched on to the back of my head/neck area, finally might have gotten dealt with. I was perhaps able to suck some good intel out of it along the way, though… Realized in a vision about a week ago that I had largely been blocking out the ever-present “octopus/tentacled alien/invader” image in most of my favorite pieces of media, despite the fact that I’ve been telling people for years that the interdimensionals “look like tentacled sort-of jellyfish things that stick their tentacles through spacetime and sort of play with us like sock puppets.” Kind of started to see that War of the Worlds, The Tripod series, The Matrix, Arrival, and COUNTLESS other movies have this octopus-like alien symbolism. Guy I’ve been working with basically confirmed for me after my vision that I’d had one latched on, now hopefully dealt with! I think he said “heheh he’s toast.”

Playing around a lot in my head with sacred geometry, picturing a lot of things in my head in 3D, such as the Seed of Life, and the Flower of Life (full version with 64 overlapping spheres). Is the Seed of Life describing a 7-shaped picture? Is it 8 spheres, seen as a 2D image? There’s a lot of interesting… stuff… Going on with the intersection of 7 and 8. 7 notes in an octave, but it’s only when you look at a set of 8 do you see that it really keeps going in each direction…

I’m trying to relate these 3D representations of sacred geometry to my understanding that the multiverse is basically an information processing system (computer). What is the basic logic? Stephen Wolfram seems to think the basic equation of it all is PRETTY simple. I mean Rule 110 and Conway’s Game of Life are Turing Complete, provably now, and based on Wolfram’s notion of computational equivalence (any Turing-complete system is basically equivalent to any other, a really interesting notion that speaks to a holographic nature of it all…) it stands to reason that the basic multidimensional computer might not have to be all that nuts. 64 qubits, what could you do with that…?

So what IS the basic logic of it all? Well shit, let’s start at the basics. First we have to submit that something must exist, because it’s a logical paradox that nothings exists. And the basic universal building blocks must be based on logic before anything else, right? So OK, presume Something Must Exist. This is sort of “Rule 1.” What is the next piece of logic? I’d relate it to this notion of “the observer,” aka consciousness, and WTF is going on w/ all that craziness? I’d argue that the observer comes in as the second universal piece of logic. Because couldn’t we maybe say – in order for something to truly exist, it must be observed? Could that BE the universal genesis of Consciousness? And is the creation of consciousness associated with the drawing of the sphere out of nothingness, or is it associated with the step of the sphere pulling away from itself, to form the vesica piscis? I was thinking the latter but my good bud told me the other day that the Indians saw the creations of the sphere itself as the genesis of consciousness/awareness, which makes sense, and tells me that the first sphere is the first “bit” in the Multiversal Cellular Automaton…

OK I’ll stop now. :wink: