Yet again, Kellyanne Conway violates Federal ethics rules


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Also from NPR: The president has discretion over any sanction.

This is a waste of our time, not theirs.


When the fish is rotten from the head down, we really can’t hope that anyone is going to be held accountable, ever.


Her punishment should include being required to wear that outfit everyday, everywhere for a month.

I know- I’m a monster.


Man, this Hogan Gidley kid has that gaslighting thing down.


Meanwhile, in the metaphorical shop where donuts represent ethics and the assistant represents the administration…


These people have no shame.

They’ve never preformed public service, never volunteered, never served. They have no perspective outside of their little worlds.


can’t she just get swallowed by a shark, or fall in to quicksand?


What have you got against sharks? Or quick sand?


Worse than her violation of the Hatch Act is her endorsement of a terrible and awful person. She endorsed Roy Moore as well.


Id like to see Conway do a hatch act…in an airlock on the ISS (sans suit)


“The President declined to sanction Ms. Conway, stating that her actions were consistent with the ethical standards of the administration.”


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