NSA-loving, Internet-hating Rep Mike Rogers' staffers say criticism is "defamation"


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My pants fit funny.


I’d be delighted if Mike were to stop being a public figure; but so long as that lamentable state continues, it’ll have to be pretty damn good to be defamatory.

(edit: also, isn’t it totally 100% shocking that a former FBI agent whose wife was, until fairly recently, president and CEO of some creepy private security contractor might be Bad News on the authoritarianism side?)


Hey, they’re right. You can sue a person for anything. You could sue a Congressman for having a weird pointy chin. Will you get anything out of it is the question.


wife was, until fairly recently3, president and CEO of some creepy private security contractor

Right, it’s pretty obvious Mike Rogers is an egomaniacal, corrupt asshole who’s more concerned with fleecing Americans for security theatre money than anything else.

Glad he and his wife could cash in at our expense while we’re still the last industrialized nation to not have a single payer system for health care that leads to the agonizing deaths of over 45,000 Americans every year. Not to mention the countless more that suffer in the meantime.

I wonder how fantastic Mike and his wife’s health care plan is? I guess they’re “covered”.


And people in MI voted for him why?

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If ever a politician needed to be trolled…


I shared this on my FB page. Something I rarely do. I try to keep that space for friends and fun stuff. But this fucker just really gets my goat. This is the kind of people we elect to our government??? FSM help us.


Pfft. Apparently “well-aware” means not aware enough to know Mike Masnik is by no means liberal (economically). If anything he’s a free-market conservative.
He’s been working for years explaining how IP law is essentially industrial protectionism, and if you think about it, IP law can be considered a type of welfare.

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I think he may be using ‘liberal’ as a pejorative form of ‘non-fascist’, rather than according to its more commonly accepted definition. It seems to be a thing in certain dialects of American English, not certain why.


I summon 4chan. And run.


Neo-liberal. There, I fixed it. Pinochet would appreciate the clarification of who his peers are.

Not sure a Finite State Machine could help here.

[Just a little needling from a life-long Gnocchian.]

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Should any one wonder, Gnocchians are essentially the Roman Catholics to Pastafarians Protestants. Pretty much the same thing, except we have a Popato.


The label we put on Mike Masnik is by no means, relevant here.

Because socialism. Duh.

I think he has very beady eyes and a bad haircut.

I am currently enrolled in community college. Last year, I took a fascinating class, called “Legal Environment of Business,” a primer on basic legal theory and terminology. About half of the students were fairly bright/engaged, and about half had somehow managed to graduate high school (i.e. obnoxiously proud of their ability to function at a 4th grade level). It took everyone about ten minutes to grasp the basics of this topic.

Assuming that they are not just simply being cynical, what does this say about the
capacity of this politician and his staff?

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Defamation? More like de-fun-mation!

Make that “just enough of a majority voted for him to win” because I sure didn’t. I emailed him the other day about my disapproval of the whole sordid NSA business trampling on my 4th amendment rights and this is how the email response to me opened,

"At a time when the Obama administration’s IRS, Benghazi and Justice Department scandals have understandably damaged Americans’ trust in their government, it is important to understand why these programs are different. "

Um, no. my sceptiscm about my government has very little to do with the Obama administration, but rather its pursuit of a Do as We Say, Not as We Do policy in just about every freakin’ bit of our foreign policy. That hypocrisy has turned the world against us and its starting to stink things up at home too.