NSA-loving, Internet-hating Rep Mike Rogers' staffers say criticism is "defamation"

Oh… He’s “one of those”…

Yeah, he’s our version of Michelle Bachmann, except more well-spoken.

and his father smelt of elderberries!

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… except more well-spoken.

Not such a high hurdle.

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Sorry, not defaming enough. I saw him set a dog on fire while picking his nose and exposing himself to a busload of senior citizens.

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For a Congresscritter, he and his staff have a really poor understanding of the First Amendment, and he ought to go back to school and learn some Traditional American Values.

As a public figure, the limits for what counts as legal defamation are pretty tight. You can certainly say that his mother is a hamster, and he ought to go read the Falwell vs. Hustler Magazine case and see what those notorious activist liberal judges Scalia and Rehnquist thought about defamation of public figures.


He’s a representative. Only a percentage of some people in Michigan voted for him. I’m not one of them as I live in a different district.

It’s a mix of True Believers and apathy that keep him in office.

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