Topless protester who ran towards Bill Cosby at his retrial is arrested


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Brava! I love how she apparently dove into the bush which gave her a few extra moments. It sounded like she was chanting the names of his victims. Powerful.


I’d party with her. That was righteous!


And the charges against her are what, exactly? She didn’t assault anyone. She didn’t threaten to assault anyone. She ran past Cosby to stand in front of him, so she clearly wasn’t a threat to his safety or that of anyone else. She was exercising her Constitutionally-protected right to freedom of speech, in a public setting.

If she was arrested because she wasn’t wearing a shirt, then I look forward to the forthcoming lawsuit against Montgomery County and its police department for violating her Article 14 protections against gender discrimination.


While I respect the gravity of the issue this woman is protesting, part of me still wishes the headline writers went with

Half-naked feminist dives headfirst into bush


That’s it! That’s the phrasing I was looking for!


I think she turned up a bit early for the execution (warning: NSFW):


A topless woman… ran towards Bill Cosby…

…he assumed she was his date.


Nah, not likely. It’s hard to run when you’ve been drugged.


She was just making sure Sean Spicer was also aware of her protest.


how did she attach all those pixels to her boobs?


I misread that title as Bill Clinton, upon closer inspection, yes that is much more awesome.


I swear he looked like he was thinking “Is that Nicole?” there for a couple of seconds.


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