Stormy Daniels arrested for smacking cop in the 'face with her bare breasts.' Charges since dropped

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I think I’d probably consider filing charges if I knew that my face had been touched by something that even once had come into physical contact with Trump.



“On Thursday, prosecutors dropped charges against Stormy Daniels, who was cuffed for motorboating undercover vice cops”
FWIW, I thought it was the other way around, but… 2018. ¯_(ツ)_/¯

Also, per the article -

“According to Ohio state law, anyone who isn’t a family member is prohibited from touching a nude or semi-nude performer.” Wait, what?


The charges are basically being dropped on a technicality. These laws differ from state to state, I recall friends in college went to a strip club and got Polaroids of some famous stripper with gigantic breasts resting one each on their shoulders, and it was apparently common for her to do that. The bust (ahem) might be politically motivated but I think vice squads regularly go looking for these kinds of violations in strip clubs.

Stormy: “Is this some kind of bust?”


Cop 1: OK, we got her, right?
Cop 2: I think we should get more evidence just to be sure.
Cop 3: Can’t be too thorough.


Usually that costs extra… well usually there isn’t a lot of touching at strip clubs. Part of me wondered when I first heard this if it was a Trump loving cop wanting to dispense some justice. Now it sounds more like vice being vice.


It would be pretty weird if they made it illegal for an exotic dancer to touch their own spouse while on the clock.


I read that too. I think the intent was to make an exception to the rule tiny enough that nobody would fit through it.

Yeah, seems unusually petty even for Trump to call in a favor to the local Ohio PD. But, Ohio is deep Trump country, so more likely they just set up the sting as an opportunity to get back at her for putting egg on Trump’s face.

If they don’t, the locals raise hell*. There’s a lot of NIMBYism in the Chicago suburbs about this kind of thing.

*Seemingly doesn’t apply to Texas.


Or you know, your dutch uncle Donny.


According to Avenatti, the cop asked Daniels if she could put her face in between Daniel’s breasts.

It’s booby entrapment.


It’s interesting to see the laws people will pass when their “shut down the moral filth on the edge of town” bill fails to pass. Sometimes it’s pasties. Sometimes there are laws where you can’t serve alcohol in proximity of an uncovered breast (leading to BYOB clubs where they charge you for your own beer). I also like when it’s banned in town so the town expands its borders to cover the clubs and shut them down.

I know of one “town”[1] in WV that consists of a tiny row of strip joints that incorporated to stop the neighboring town from expanding over them and shutting them down. The town council was white hot with rage when they pulled that trick.

[1] Jefferson


When I got remarried 14 years ago to my current lovely wife, some friends took me to a strip club. That’s not really my thing, but I went along. I got a lap dance - lots of touching - then they paid to have one of the girls pull me up on the stage. I guess the laws are different in CA.
Anyway, they get me up there and take off my shirt. The girl comes close and whispers “can I spank you with your belt?” Me, drunk: Sure.
Now, I wear a heavy leather belt with my jeans. Inch and a half wide, thick leather.
She pulls it off, bends it in half like how your dad would scare you with the threat of a spanking, hauls back and PLASTERS me across the chest and stomach. I mean really hard. Me, trying not to be a baby, stifle a yelp. She then hauls back the other direction and does it again. I had two welts for several days. My wife was like “what in the fuck did you do?” I told her the story and she laughed - “all those nasty dudes that go in there are all gross pervs, she took it out on you. Also, clearly daddy issues.”
Yea, but my welts. “Stop complaining.”


How dare you abuse a loophole in the law to counter our abuse of loopholes in the law!


I just got the underwear band torn off on me. I don’t think there was any whipping… I was pretty drunk at that point. It was a pretty good time.


I’m sure they saw an ad that she was performing and decided to see if they could catch her for violating the local law.

Of course they’d never go after their p*ssy-grabbing hero.


Stormy Daniels arrested for smacking cop in the ‘face with her bare breasts.’

I think that there is a specific name for this…

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Eh - it’s not like she urinated on the President.


The police have decided some follow-up investigations are necessary, I’m sure.

“and keep it in our houses where it belongs!!!”