Stormy Daniels offers to return $130,000 hush money to Trump in exchange for freedom to tell all


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But why? The agreement isn’t binding since it wasn’t signed and was voided by the lawyer blabbing about it. Also, if the lawyer paid her, isn’t that an “in kind” donation of an illegal amount to Trumps campaign?


This woman is brilliant. She is dancing all over this agreement and still seemingly staying well within the presumed confines of it. The Trump team keeps giving her more and more rope for her to hang them with.


It’s been fun watching Sarah Huckabee Sanders try to spin this one. “There was no affair with Ms. Daniels and also she’s clearly in violation of the non-disclosure agreement that Trump didn’t enter into because there was no affair, obviously.”


So Mr. Trump, when did you stop having an affair with a Porn Star?


This lady is having way too much fun, I kind of envy her.


That should be plural.


Um. It might be a little bit about the money.


I love it. Either way she wins.


I love the part where they are asking for “all parties” to sign! LOL

Poking trump with a stick is fun!


It’s the unstoppable force versus the immovable object, but an even better version: The Truth of Trump versus The Truth of a Porn Star, and at this point, we’re all finding the porn star more believable.


I heard a clip from her interview with Jimmy Kimmel that went something like this:

JK: Can you talk about whether or not you have an non-disclosure agreement?
SD: No, I can’t talk about it.
JK: But if there was no NDA you would be able to just say there was no NDA, right?
SD: You’re so smart, Jimmy.



Gotta love how well she’s playing this.


Sometimes the most important secret is the fact that a secret exists.


Simple. At this point, the fastest way for the Trump team to make it all go away (or at least start to recede into the past) would be for them to let Daniels do her tell all book/exclusive article/talk show appearances. The longer they try to keep her under an NDA, the more the Streisand effect kicks in.


The stages of conservative denial:

  1. There’s no story here.
  2. OK, so who the president sleeps with is unrelated to his ability to govern.
  3. OK, so this is totally different than the Lewinsky scandal.
  4. The president hasn’t lied to congress, at least. So it’s not grounds for impeachment.


Know what’s weird? Most people totally forgot about how Trump’s friends at the National Enquirer bought the silence of a Playboy model who Trump had a year-long affair with back in 2006. Again, a revelation that would have been enough to destroy any other politician but barely registers on the never-ending stream of scandal that is Trump.


Whether or not the NDA has no force is a matter to be decided in court. Which could take years. A letter from the Trump treehouse saying “we release you from your NDA” would save all that time and legal fees. She wants to be allowed to talk (presumably because then she’ll get a nice fat advance on a tell all book contract or some such), and is trying to convince the Trump team that the fastest way for them to end the pain is to just let her do so.


She’s brilliantly demonstrating the “3 dimensional chess” that he’s supposedly unparalleled in, yet never seems to employ.


really when it comes down to it, NDA or not, she can just tell all anyways. Somebody will pick up the legal fees… As far as I know, she couldn’t be jailed for breaking a contract? It’s just financial and she’d be able to cover any fees with a simple gofundme lol