Stormy Daniels offers to return $130,000 hush money to Trump in exchange for freedom to tell all


That’s kind of the best part. She really seems to be thoroughly enjoying it without seeming attention-needy. Just a classy lady who knows she’s got a big fish hooked good.

  1. OK, so the president lied to Congress, but it was only about Russia.
  2. But…her emails!!!


Who is Larry Flynt?


I’m conflicted.
I hate the man, his viewpoints, his choices, his obvious racism and sexism.

However how is his sex life relevant to his ability? I’m honestly tired of living in such a prudish society.

Can’t we stick to burning him for everything he does that isn’t his private life?


To be correct here - it was his lawyer who paid her the hush money, she should return it to him. And since Tr*mp never paid this lawyer back I’m sure he’ll appreciate it.


Worst thing that can happen is Trump’s lawyers sue her for violating the NDA, which in itself would force them to publicly acknowledge the NDA. Even if she got stuck with the penalty for violating the contract she’d probably be on the hook for less money than she could make out of this ordeal if she plays her cards right. I bet her asking fee for performing has already skyrocketed since the story broke.


The prudish ones are on board with his obvious racism, sexism, etc. Trump’s anti-porn/“sanctity of marriage” supporters will be forced to reckon with his “sinful” nature when this flower finally blooms.

ETA: Furthermore, it’s funny that Trump is so brazen speaking openly about grabbing women and so on, but he wants to keep this a secret?! Come on Trump, why don’t you just be yourself and gloat about your sexual adventures, you know you want to!


It’s no surprise that Trump cheated on his wife with a porn star. It’s no surprise that he stiffed paying his lawyer back the money that he fronted to pay her off. The disappointing thing is that she manages to seem classier than the president.


Well for one thing it makes him susceptible to blackmail. We are currently facing the very real possibility that the President of the United States is doing Putin’s bidding because Putin has some unflattering footage of him engaging in activities with Russian prostitutes.


It’s supposedly relevant to the prudish Xtianists who voted for him and support him. Though they’re already handwaving this away, too.


If he stayed out of our private lives, sure.

But, someone who wants to stand in the way of my abortion, my birth control, or my desire to marry the person of my choice doesn’t get the consideration I’d give to someone who left me alone.


Stormy Daniels is becoming my favorite troll.

At this point she is just doing it to p1ss off Trump and his brain dead minions.

Its hilarious, they are falling over themselves. Their reaction is akin to stamping on a bag of flaming dog poop. Its exactly what one is expected to do and it makes everything worse for the effort.


Except for the fact that it is always about other people, never themselves.

When a major Bible Thumper gets caught molesting children, having affairs, paying for a mistress’s abortions, paying for hookers, they are somehow “forgiven”.

Remember its not really “family values” unless you can beat others over the head with it. Its not meant to apply to yourself and those you know.


That’s one way to look at it. Another is that unsigned contracts are not valid contracts in any sense.


No. Emphatically NO! Because that part isn’'t sticking. It is precisely why Capone went to prison not for the horrible things he did, but for measly income tax evasion. Still, that worked.


This isn’t ‘disappointing’, it is expected.


Right, to be honest I think for a lot of people, myself included, this is funny because we’re really really sick of having a putrid dumpster fire turn around, throw a suit on, and start telling us how to live our lives. Don’t try to teach what you don’t know how to do assholes.


Yep, and notably not just do to the fact that he engaged in an extramarital affair. It’s due to the fact that we know he’s willing to pay to keep such things quiet.

The other day I heard a thing on the radio about the “Red Sparrow” movie and how the Americans tried their own version of the Sparrow program, attempting to seduce and subsequently blackmail Russian officials. It didn’t work because the Russians didn’t much care if their wives found out or not.


Not if the NDA’s terms have no cap on the penalties for breaking the contract, or if the penalties are so high that she can’t find someone willing to pay the costs for her.

Also, if she wants to feel like an honourable person who keeps their word, then she’s not going to want to break the NDA because, you know, most people who are not trump have a sense of decency.

ETA: Also, publishers may not be willing to sign a book contract with her if there is the possibility that they could be sued. I’d say that the odds that the NDA has some pretty one sided terms in it are rather high.


EXACTLY! This is all about blackmail. This Stormy affair is an ongoing live stream of what happens when you hide shit like this. You are compromised. trump is compromised and a clear and present danger to this country. We know about Stormy now. It’s what we don’t know that’s fucking scary.

Everyone in government, military and politics knows what it means to be compromised and those are who are doing nothing right now and are ignoring the obvious bullshit trump is into are traitors to this country. Solution below.