CNN's economics analyst told cringeworthy joke about Stormy Daniels and no one was laughing


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"Are you saying that a porn star would actually try to call attention to herself? "

Isn’t that what Donald Trump does every day?


Is it really a joke, though?

We don’t know everything about Ms. Daniels’ background. We do, however know she has performed in porn, and may have been a sex worker in relation to Trump (that she received compensation for sex is not clear from the record, however). Those do not affect her credibility in my view.

However, stemming from her sexual relationship with Trump, she has successfully obtained money from Trump via his attorney. This may or may not meet the legal definition of extortion, but is a bit problematic from an ethical standpoint. She may also be in breach of contract, but that’s a civil issue.

(Edited to clarify some points that I badly conflated)


Yes, she’s all about drawing attention to herself, totally unlike someone whose job involves appearing on television to give his opinion.


He said “who cares what Donald Trump did 10 years ago”

Did he not care about what Hillary Clinton or Bill Clinton did or did not do 10 years prior to their presidential campaign runs? Did he not care about Barack Obama’s birth certificate when he ran for president?

Seems to me what some people care or don’t care about in a candidate or sitting president’s past has some fuzzy rules guiding it.


Maybe before getting too high and mighty about other characterizations of Daniels, BB could clean up it’s own labeling when referring to her.

Form the article immediately following this one:


Pornstars! AMIRITE?




The woman is a sex worker, but that means nothing in terms of her actual character, credibility, or any verisimilitude regarding her potential testimony.


Folks are often so ready to shame a sex-worker. Curious (and by curious I mean brazenly hypocritical) that they’re rarely ready to shame the clients (well, unless the clients are women, hmmm…a pattern emerges).


Is it me, or are Conservatives [taken as a whole and broadly speaking] generally bad at comedy?


Extortion is a crime- no one has accused her of extortion in any jurisdiction. Nor has Trump or his lawyer done so.

If it’s a matter of credibility- Donnie is a proven, extremely prolific liar on every subject. He’s got more to prove if veracity is questioned.


Somewhere there is a market for Donald Trump porn.


Probably, but Kevin Madden at least didn’t think it was funny. I think I prefer humorless conservatives to conservatives with a terrible sense of humor.

Angels and ministers of grace defend us!
(crosses heart because, hey non-Catholic atheist here, but let’s take full precautions)


No kidding.



You couldn’t pay me enough. Hell, Jeff Bezos couldn’t pay me enough.


See, this is the sort of comment I will never understand.

We all know that Trump is an unmitigated liar, cheat, and generally bad person. That is unquestioned.

So what on Earth does that have to do with Ms. Daniels’ character or lack thereof?


No, no. . . it’s very informative. (It’s not a porn site.)


According to xHamster, they hope this flick ends up being a (porn) star-studded affair, with porn vets Ron Jeremy and Jenna Jameson being eyed to portray Steve Bannon and herself (respectively), along with “plans to offer Julia Ann the role of Kellyanne Conway, Nina Hartley as Betsy DeVos, [and] Tommy Pistol as Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto.”

I’m hoping Trump actually sees the finished product and starts tweeting about how “fake” it is.


In any dispute with two parties disagreeing on the facts - you have two things to consider to judge what happened.

Any evidence - including others testimony- and who seems more truthful.