CNN: "Why isn't the Stormy Daniels story a bigger deal?"

I think we know why.

Everyone pretty much knows he’s a misogynist. Most everyone probably figured he cheats on his wife. We’ve seen the videos of her casting side-eye, and swatting his hand away when he tries to hold hers.

I mean, it’s not particularly shocking at this point.

Because as long as he’s not having sex with Men, he won’t lose that 35% base’s support.


There’s a lot of mysteries about Mr Trump.

Why isn’t it a bigger deal that he has documented ties to the Mafia?

Why isn’t it a bigger deal that the government sued him for refusing to rent apartments to black people – and Donald settled to prevent a verdict?

Why isn’t it a bigger deal that he took out full page ads in the NY Times calling for the death of five black men after they were found innocent by the courts?





Wait wait, so Trump is basically some combination of bribing and using legal or other threats to kill stories even from outlets which are left-leaning?

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There is no such thing as left-wing corporate media.


sigh OK, assuming we’re not splitting those hairs… There’s party alignment, at minimum. Huffpost leans Democratic, WSJ leans Republican, etc…


I don’t believe this but as an admitted person with difficulty with misogyny I’m going to say that Stormy is considered a slut by Trump’s base.

And slut shaming is big in that group.

Compared to Monica Lewinsky, whom worked hard and was taken advantage of by a lecherous President Clinton (again not my hot take on any of this but … everyone has a conservative in the family tree) …

All of what i just wrote about right there was nothing about Trump. And that is the point.

Dilute the blame.

It will be run down by being about a bunch of other superfluous stories that will get played until the point of all this is that Mexicans are the problem.


Yes, yes yes yes yes.

I’ve seen it on Facebook. “Why should we believe the word of a Porn star over a business mogul?” Because women giving it away for free is bad enough, but capitalizing on it makes them morally bankrupt?

Hey, I dunno. Maybe one of them has never lost a Fraud case in court? And the other’s profession is not illegal? (A favorite right wing defense of the subprime mortgage bankers)


And if he was, they would try to find some way to reconcile it in their heads. (Likely on, “he said ‘no homo’ so it’s cool” grounds.)


We’re at Trump boor saturation. There’s literally nothing that can make his fans change their minds and those he horrifies to think worse of him. I think it actually happened at “grab their pussy”. The battle lines have not changed since then, anyone who was going to ditch him did it at that point. Now they’re committed, like the cannibal army in Lucifer’s Hammer.


No. Someone else is paying both of them. You think Ritchie Rich who went to military high school is this clever?

Check out the kind of stuff his son in laws family gets up to. They’re a better lead than Annoying Orange is.

They are an army of orcs. They don’t care if their leader tells them to now eat babies. They will do it. They are mindless zombies ravaging the Earth and Internet.

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