GOP fundraiser who paid for silence of impregnated Playboy model offered to lift sanctions on Russian firm for $26M


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Ah, the defense of the TGOP: We tried to collude and sell our country to the Russians, but we suck at it so no foul right?


So apparently there are things money can’t buy: morals and patriotism.


Why would he put his money there? There’s nothing in it for him… /s


I still think the Trump presidency is all about the oil deal with Russia. Rex Tillerson was the giveaway. That’s why Trump dumped him when he saw Rex wasn’t going to be able to make it happen as Sec. State.




I’m not a lawyer, but this sounds like racketeering.


Which one is Broidy in this scenario?


Nobody can scumbag like the TGOP, nobody…


let me know when he’s tried for treason.


What? This is legal now, isn’t it?


You say racketeering, I say business as usual. It’s semantics, really.


Of course he was willing to try to work legal shenanigan for Russia for $26M, that’s 16 more unrecognized children he could father!


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