GOP leader in 2016 said ‘I think Putin pays’ Trump

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They knew he was a traitor, and went along with it anyway.

When are y’all gonna realise that the GOP are not just the “loyal opposition”? They’re the enemy.


It’s funny treasonous because it’s true.




The full dialogue is worth reading, especially Paul Ryan: “What’s said in the family stays in the family.” How clichéd can you be?


I don’t think Putin pays him, at least not directly. There’s plenty of leverage on him through his loans from Russian banks, which of course do business at the pleasure of Putin and were thus inclined to make “suggestions” about hires.

I’m sure the Kremlin did donate to the campaign, just like it does with a lot of right-wing populist campaigns in the West. Win or lose, they do a lot to destabilise democratic institutions.

That the GOP leadership joke about party officials taking Putin’s ruble is repulsive but not surprising.

[* perhaps Rohrabacher is in thrall to Putin for similar reasons, or maybe there’s some pee-pee-style kompromat]


“Ha ha ha ha ha. (Swear to God.) It is all a funny joke. That’s why no one in this room is to ever repeat what was just said, and if anyone ever brings it up in the future, deny it ever happened. Because it’s a joke and not something anyone takes at all seriously. Ha ha ha.”


Watching the Turnip administration accelerate its implosion has been a joy. As far as schadenfreude is concerned, this week is just the gift that keeps on giving.



McCarthy : This was an attempt at humor gone wrong.

Oh hilarious, the candidate I’m backing is so corrupt I made jokes about him being in the pocket of an antagonistic foreign power.

I don’t ask what’s wrong with the GOP. They’re parasites. But the capacity of their voters for cognitive dissonance is bottomless.


Except for the fact that elected officials within a party are NOT family! I think someone needs to explain to him that yes, if your brother or sister does ill there is some reasonable expectation that you will defend/support them. But if you are elected to office you are not beholden to another elected person regardless of party…you are beholden to the people who elected you!!!



Post: Would you like to comment on this story we’re about to publish regarding your conversation from a year ago?

Repugnicans: Preposterous! That never happened!

Post: We’ve got the tape, dipshits. Try again?

Repugs: Oh, um…we were just joking around! You can’t take that seriously!


Assuming the tape is real, this is just really weird.

Just who is taping such a high-level conversation?

Surely, the crowd must have been small enough that Ryan and McCarthy know who the “snitch” is. I’d be hugely interested in knowing just who this person is, and why s/he is regularly bugging their peers.


Yeah… I don’t think the GOP leadership sees things that way, so much…

Part of me thinks that Republican leadership may be in on this Russia collusion stuff (which this recording seems to back). This explains why they are trying so hard to defend Trump – they are worried investigations will pull in a lot more folks than even his own campaign/White House staff.


Gotta ask yourself if you are an American first or a Republican first? I think for a lot of these creeps it is party first, and f!ck America cuz there are just so many of THOSE people who don’t vote for us. (you know, the blah people)

Want to know why markets do better under Democratic presidents? Because they govern for ALL the people not just the wankers who voted for them. And please feel free to look up the stats on market performance under various leadership. If you include FDR it goes way way up for the D squad. How these “R” (russia) bozos pretend to be about business is beyond me, it is all how much they can rip off and f!ck up before the curtain comes down. F them


Uhhh, sorry Paul, I think we learned our lesson after a joke about corruption that we didn’t take very seriously then proceeded to become the 45th president of the United States


Finally! A useful robot. Maybe she can tweak it to occasionally just raise up an inch or three and pound the keyboard a few times before going back to rolling.


Just who is taping such a high-level conversation?

Given the nature of conversations that are apparently happening at the highest levels of the republican party I think you would be an idiot not to be recording whatever you can. The early bird gets the immunity from prosecution.

Look how critical it is turning out to be for Comey (notes rather than recordings, of course).


This was an attempt at humor gone wrong.

Right - just locker room talk…

Nobody ends a discussion of humor with:

“No leaks. . . . This is how we know we’re a real family here.”

The appropriate response would have been to go public with this, and ensure Trump was removed from the election, even if it cost the GOP the presidency.

Instead the “family” kept it to themselves and led us on to this precipice. Its Treason, plain and bold, and I’m not going to be happy with anything but their heads on a pike.