Looks like the Mueller investigation is a big Weisselberger

The Trump Organization CFO has been granted immunity from prosecution. This is the man who was in on every deal, every major transaction, and not only knows where the bodies were buried but probably inhumed a few of them




Who knows what next week will bring?


One detail that has so far escaped major media coverage is that reimbursements to Michael Cohen for paying off Stormy Daniels or Karen McDougal (or both) were to be made from “the trust,” which could mean The Donald J. Trump Foundation.

We know that Trump has no qualms about using a nominally charitable foundation as his personal piggy bank (which he seems to do habitually), but using tax-exempt charitable money to pay off Trump’s mistresses just before an election seems particularly egregious. If the Foundation has an scintilla of intelligence, it will settle with the New York AG and agree to be dissolved rather than have these lurid details enter the public record.


Nobody cared when he took money for kids with cancer and injured veterans from his charity and funneled it into his business. Why would anyone care now?

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