Trump CFO's former daughter-in-law offers details on evidence she has provided

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“I have records of Donald Trump paying for one of my children’s tuition at her private school, and specifically saying in terms of control that they couldn’t go to another,” Weisselberg said during the CNN interview Thursday. “It looks like it was compensation tax benefits for the Trump Organization or for Donald Trump himself.”

“It’s basically all about tax strategies,” she added.

Grifting the country using their own kids is spot on for the trump klan.


It’s nice that there’s some actual corroboration to the grift that is obviously going on with every single thing Agent Orange puts his hands on. Hope there’s more to come, and that it’s enough to put them all away.




Why haven’t they?


There’s a word for when someone (or some organization) pays someones tuition, on the condition that they go to a particular school. That is called a “scholarship”, and is very common and completely legal. If true, it would be the first time I’ve ever heard of the trump organization doing a legitimate charitable work. If, on the other hand, the conditions were “and you keep quiet about the shady things that we do”, then it becomes pay-off , which is something quite different.


Perhaps because playing in the murky dank gray zones of the law allows them to drag out cases until AGs are dead and or retired.

Oh and s tons of cash.


Anybody else waiting for the day when he tries to pin it all on Jr. : “I don’t really know Don all that well.”?


I do wonder what the MAGA crowd is going to end up doing if their dear leader ends up in prison?. Hopefully there are plans in place to deal with the worst case scenario. .




You know they’ll try.


Flipping publicly on your bully gets you a beat-down.

Flipping privately to someone who has power over your bully often has a different outcome.


But you can’t call the tuition that you are paying for your own kids a “scholarship” to pay it with pre-tax dollars. Similarly, you can’t do that as part of the compensation for an employee, claim that it is charitable therefore pay part of their compensation with pre-tax dollars.

This is not some sort of new “smoking gun,” because it is well established that Trump was committing this sort of tax fraud with his “charity.” That’s why he had to disband it.


Yeah, but threatening to flip (or telegraphing a flip) usually brings a beat-down from your bully, too, though.

I eagerly await this “different outcome” you speak of.

if you are up to your eyeballs in shady shit and others know all about it and have the receipts, then you would be wise to not do anything to monumentally piss off said person. although the ex-mrs is saying this is all about justice and bringing the truth to light (and that would be great if true) there may or may not be other reasons why she is so willing to be so public about her co-operation. it is possible to satisfy a subpoena without being in the media every single day with a new claim. “my attorney has advised me not to answer any questions in an ongoing investigation” is the phrase i am thinking of.

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He already has. His testimony is the primary evidence that was used by the State of NY to shut down trump’s charity grift. Much of the evidence gathered then has led to further subpoenas and discovery in the current investigations.


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