Rudy Giuliani says Trump paid Cohen back for $130K Stormy hush money. Trump denied knowing


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Trump reimbursed lawyer who paid off Stormy Daniels

I’m pretty immune by this point to yet another stunning revelation. They all seem to fizzle out. Should I think this one, finally, might be any different?




Wasn’t it Giuliani who dry snitched on 45 about the first Muslim ban?


This time for sure!


Good to see Rudy’s still got it.



Rudy be good at lawerying, no?


It has been obvious for some time that Rudy is unhinged and this just nails it.



“I’d like to teach you a word. The word is structuring. Can you say structuring? Sure you can.”



Sadly Al Franken has now fallen from grace, but his precognition is still on record to this day.


… Whose side was he on again?


Wow, why is it so hard to just not say anything?


Not sure I believe that Trump paid a debt.


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Who gave Rudy all of this rope?


that moment in the interview in a nutshell


Structuring only applies to cash and money orders, though. If it were personal checks or wire transfers, no illegality.


I keep hearing this idea that Trump is playing some kind of 12-dimensional chess.

Ohhh kaaaayyy. . . .

I guess that’s true if by “12-dimensional chess” you mean “constantly make up new lies and excuses until we can’t keep track of what’s going on anymore.” It’s like looking at a chaotic maelstrom and thinking it’s a complex piece of architecture. No, it’s just a big messy heap of bullshit.

Here’s how “deep” Trump’s 12-dimensional chess game goes: I will be very surprised if he doesn’t try to engineer a fake terrorist attack or instigate a war to draw attention away from his joke of a Presidency. I will also be surprised if he doesn’t completely bungle it too.


“I am going to surround myself only with the best and most serious people.”


Is there a good overview or explanation of the campaign finance violation details?