When asked about Cohen hush payments, Trump can't stop saying the word "campaign"

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When I listen to Trump speak…I swear he is trying to convince himself of what he is saying.


so basically get yourself elected president by any illegal way possible, then pardon yourself and all that helped get you elected for their crimes

yeah good luck with that

still waiting for some enterprising person to make a deck of cards with pictures of all the people convicted

we also need a “trump crime family” hierarchy chart, something like this but all on one page with all the players - remember Mueller hasn’t even gotten to all the nepotism


You beat me. I can’t even listen to him speak. I don’t watch videos of him and I turn the radio off when a clip comes up.


Curious, what was Obama’s “massive campaign violation”?


Being black, duh. Right wingers will never forgive him for that.


I don’t remember the specifics but I recall something about the Obama campaign actually noticing it, admitting it, returning the funds, etc. So not at illegal. More oops, we have a screw up here and are reporting it properly and making it good rather than trying to cover it up.


and to @Mister44 Vox has a nice piece about it.

To sum up…
The Obama campaign issues were inadvertent violations based on timing of filings and punished civilly by the FEC. What Cohen did was outright criminal and handled accordingly in court.


Obama’s campaign made what looked like a clerical error, and was fined one of the largest amounts ever by the FEC (so it’s not like they got off with no penalties). This is a very different thing than deliberately trying to influence an election by paying off someone through a phony corporation to hide the transaction, which shows premeditation, a deliberate intent to break the law.


You ought to try and read one of his rants. It will definetly challenge your english skills.


Also none of the issue was tied to anything Obama himself did or had direct knowledge of. Hardly the same as Trump personally ordering an illegal secret payoff.

Trump might have been able to avoid a lot of legal trouble if he’d left his fixers to their own devices so he could maintain plausible deniability. Of course, that would require 1) trusting people who are inherently untrustworthy and 2) ceding decision-making power to underlings, which goes against Trump’s nature.


Pft. Amateurs.

Is Trump ever going to look down and realize he’s sitting in the big boy chair, or will he continue to act like a six-year-old running amuck in the IHOP, blaming every mess he makes on some other kid?

For fucks sake, “But Obama! But Hillary!”

Useless tit.


I am not a mental health care professional, but I think this is ⊥rump’s communication disorder.


Yeah, when Trump speaks I turn the sound down, closed captions on, and turn up some music. Then I enjoy the 10 minute word salad of sudden subject changes and crazy gesticulations. It lessens the pain somewhat.


Oh man, that boy is definitely stress-eating. I’m shocked that Fox did a profile shot on him; he should be jailed just for what he’s doing to that poor suit that’s trying so vainly to hold his gut back.

Let’s hope for the latter. He’s more predictable this way. If he ever realizes how much power he wields and starts planning things out, rather than these quick petty revenge acts, we’re screwed. Right now, he’s easy to provoke and distract. That’s why I’m praying he doesn’t get a second term. He might actually take time to reflect on his methods.

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I don’t think you could play many games with a deck that only consisted of jokers.


Buckminster Fuller gave talks like that. He would start out and then seemingly go away from the topic. But, in the end he would bring it all back around and connect the dots. I could follow that, but with Trump it’s just a random collection of thoughts, and with his limited vocablulary, well I just don’t understand what the heck his point is.


“I don’t have time to come in for a fitting, just know that I’m six-foot-four and 139 pounds. Anyone who says differently is spreading fake news.”


Trump’s comparison of the Cohen allegations to Obama is entirely wrong

"It’s certainly true that both Cohen’s admissions and the Obama campaign did things that were “campaign finance violations” in the same way that your lifting a candy bar from a convenience store as a kid and what Bernie Madoff did are both “stealing.” Which isn’t to say that the Obama campaign’s violations weren’t serious. It’s just to note that broad legal terms can cover a variety of actions.

So what did Obama do? Well, Obama didn’t do anything, really. His campaign — Obama For America — failed to report 1,300 contributions within 48 hours as required by law. It also received some campaign contributions that exceeded allowable limits from a donor for a campaign cycle and others that had incorrect dates. In total, the contributions at issue amounted to about $2 million, and the campaign paid $375,000 in fines."