Trump campaign manager arrested for grabbing a reporter, so he hired a lawyer fired for biting a stripper


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Dudes experienced in getting out of assault charges against women.

That’s some CEO shit right there. Trump hires the bestest most qualified people!


What’s wrong with hiring a lawyer who never met a stripper?


Human bites:

Human bites have been shown to transmit hepatitis B, hepatitis C, herpes simplex virus (HSV), syphilis, tuberculosis, actinomycosis, and tetanus.


There are reasons DAs charge relatively minor offenses like this, if you’re still wondering. Chief among them:

• Suspect lied to LEOs
• Suspect’s provable behavior is obviously just the tip of the iceberg.
• Suspect is a dick.


I’ve watched the video at least fifteen times, and I still can’t tell where the battery took place. I see a bunch of people, and someone whose orange-ish hair (if that’s what it is) generally resembles Trump’s. The interaction between reporter Fields and Campaign Manager Lewandowski simply does not stand out. If there’s damming evidence here, it’s not obvious.


Of course he did. He’s great at hiring qualified people. Really, the best.


Touching someone without permission is a battery; grabbing someone and pulling them so hard it leaves bruises is a prosecution.


Dig deeper. There’s audio from the clip. In fact some of the best most thorough coverage was on Breitbart itself… Before Breitbart threw it’s own reporter under the bus to protect the guy, and the entire community of readers decided she was a woman now, not a reporter. And a traitor.

They will eat their own if they step out of line.


People who “can’t see” the evidence of a crime are often those who would prefer not to see it, just as those of us who see it clearly might be people who loathe Trump and his minions already.

What you see, and what I see, are immaterial. All that matters is what the judge sees. Everything else is gossip.




Good luck with that…


That isn’t universally true. If you give someone a lawful order and they refuse to comply, you are entirely within your rights to use reasonable force to enforce it.

For example, if you come to my door and you refuse to leave when told, I can take you by the arm and lead you off the property, using however much force necessary to overcome any resistance you give (but not more).


He reached across her to grab her arm is why she turns suddenly. He grabbed her pretty hard (the marks), but briefly, and turned her somewhat sharply but not very far. I expect she was startled more than anything.
Still, grabbing people or biting strippers, not the best idea ever.


He has the best brain and words.


“First of all, I’m talking with myself, because I have a good brain and I’ve said a lot of stuff.” The best words.

Also a bit of a fascist, racist nutter egomaniac who rubs elbows with thugs. Only the best thugs. The best.

Amazingly, the guy has an actual shot at being President! If he wins the rust belt, we’ll be in deep bleep.


And vampirism!


“…insinuated she was lying.”

Insinuated? They baldly flat-out said it, repeatedly.


And Vamipire’isms.


Zombies. Don’t forget zombies.