Woman questioned by police for wearing shirt with Arabic writing near 9/11 memorial


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There’s no possibility we live in a country with a First Amendment?


Serves her right for being in the general vicinity of the IX/XI* Memorial with terrorist writing on her shirt!

*Trying to avoid Arabic numerals. You know. Out of respect.


It’s OK, they’re really Indian numerals. Or, as they will in future be known, freedom numerals.


Sigh. What the hell.


What could be more American than suing a municipality for thousands of dollars after they violated your civil rights for wearing a $20 t-shirt? It’s the best return on investment I’ve seen in a while.


Since she gave them all of her info, I wouldn’t be surprised if her name pops up on the no-fly list.


…having your civil rights violated based solely on what you’re wearing.

Really it seems to fit just as well.


I’m aware that America wrote of it’s civil liberties and personal rights with Chancellor Cheney and Donny Rumsfeld’s (prepared too fast in the time frame that birthed them) Patriot Acts but, here are some responses to Brown Shirts who overstep their bounds:
"They took all my info,
You say: “No.”

my address
You say: “No.”

apt. number
You say: “No.”

You say: “No.”


That’s not bad advice, but hard to follow when you’re being physically intimidated by gun-toting thugs who have the power (if not the legal authority) to drag you off in handcuffs for failing to cooperate.


Your use of Roman numerals is highly suspicious! You just might be a Roman terrorist trying to subvert 'merica and institute Roman law.

You should be reported and watched.


and shove a broom handle where the sun don’t shine.


Come on though, it is suspicious. I mean, Manhattan is a small town. It’s not like anyone can expect Muslims or Arabs walking through that town every single day until the sea overtakes it.


Nope, only the 2nd amendment matters. The rest are just pesky details getting in the way.


Can you imagine how busy they’d be if the mosque down there had gone through?


you know what my response would be if that happened? jackpot! cops overstepping their authority is a ticket to a big payout. sucks for the rest of the tax-paying populace who’s footing the bill though.


Meh. They are really neither and both. The positional notation number system may be Indian, but the glyphs themselves are a mix of all sorts of things.


I wouldn’t count on it. For every example of the justice system giving a “big payout” to ordinary citizens whose rights were violated by cops overstepping their authority there are countless examples of those citizens getting framed/beaten/arrested/jailed on trumped up charges.

If you think the legal system will favor you over the police then I’d advise you to buy a lottery ticket.


I have to say that my interactions with the NYPD have been very decent when I tell them “no” and move on. Of course, I’m a white dude without anything on my shirt so it’s hard to take my anecdote as anything similar to hers.


“Am I free to leave?”
Yes: leave.
“I’m not answering any questions without a lawyer and I refuse all searches. What is your reasonable suspicion that I have committed a crime?”

“What will you do if I refuse to provide my identification?”
Arrest you: “What is your probable cause that I have committed a crime?”
Make life very difficult for you: “Stop harrassing me”