Tor Labs: a science fiction imprint for "experimental storytelling"

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Wow. I love that logo.

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Cool! Just the other day I was thinking about audio dramas and how there doesn’t seem to be a lot of them (I could be wrong here). I vividly remember listening to a Ross MacDonald story staring the voice of Ed Asner, something that would not work as a visual, but was perfect as audio. Radio plays were awesome and could (and can) do things not viable as video. One I remember from 40 years ago that I accidentally listened to without knowing what it was. “Incident At Owl Creek Bridge”, the Ambrose Bierce short story. Just gripping. Ok, that was actually also done as a very peculiar episode of the Twilight Zone, something that it seems can be found at as, for some reason “An Occurrence At Owl Creek Bridge”. Now, if only Dell would bring back the Abyss line…

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