Torin Aluminum Work Platform: Sturdy, foldable work step


I prefer this style:

it comes in 2,3, and 4 foot sizes. They are more stable and the long rungs allow you to use the most comfortable height. They are also great sawhorses. Drawback is they have a bigger footprint and sometimes are hard to fit in small places like closets.

Platforms like that have other uses:


Any suggestions for a folding work platform that is workbench height? All the ones I’ve seen are short - good for sawing (where you want to be above the work for leverage) or as a platform for a table or miter saw, but I want something that I don’t have to hunch over…

For these tool-concept posts; it’s the concept, not the specific version, no?
Here, by a major ladder co., for less, well rated is:

The Stanley FatMax sawhorses are extremely sturdy, and with a piece of 24mm ply makes a fine collapsible worktop.

The Vika folding workbench is pretty good, although it is heavy. As a bonus, you can flip it over, fold the legs the other way, and it becomes a (shorter) scaffold.

The only downside (besides the weight) is that the struts for the legs are fiddly.

Basically anything that puts the end of the launch rod higher than your eye is good!

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In our shop we call this a “fake-tall.”

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