Foldable step stool $10


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Also great if you have small children using small bathrooms. They can set it up themselves for handwashing purposes.



stable AND can be disassembled


I had my foot break through one…
Probably better off doing this - useful for storage carrying stuff.


We have had one of these for years. Works great. fits in the two or three inch gap between a couple of cabinets.

I talked to a professional photographer at the Monterey historic races a few years ago who has one of these dangling by a cord off his belt. Gives him just enough elevation to shoot over the crowds but is lightweight and small enough to carry everywhere.


That’s one small step for a man.


I have one. Great to sit on next to bath while attempting to clean my filthy baby.


Foldable tripping hazard $10

…is what the headline should be. My daughter and wife share one of these, and it constantly moves around the house so that I never know where it is and trip over it constantly. I HATE that f-ing thing.


I have one in the kitchen. Folds up to hide in the pantry when its doors are closed.


The 1-Star Amazon reviews are pretty scary: basically, the thing collapses unexpectedly and poses a danger.

Read for yourself:

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