The cool step stool folds up

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I have one of these.

Handy and feels quite stable underfoot (I’m almost 200 pounds).

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Almost identical folding stools have been sold at Five Below, for $5 for a while. They don’t have quite the same hefty weight limit but they are perfect for kids and occasional adult use.

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If you have a small child, you’ll want one of these for tooth brushing and hand washing purposes. Works well.


Go to model train shows once in a while and you’ll see every single little kid carrying one so they can get up and see the trains.


Literally what we use ours for.
On to the second one after I sat on the first one and cracked it :/. It didn’t collapse but I didn’t want the boy putting weight on the crack and pinching himself.
Can’t complain when they’re like $5 or so.

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With children using it there is a small risk of catching a finger between the handle and the step while unfolding. Not a big deal, but something to warn a child of.


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