Foldable step stool for $11


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This looks like a direct copy of the Kikkerland folding stool.
Also on Amazon, for only $13

I’ve had the red for many years, its very good.


Big Lots, formally McFrugals carries these for $9.99 US dollars. Don’t know the brand name…


I trip over one of these quite frequently.


It’s just an hour and a half after the post went up and the price is showing up as $17.33 for me. Not $11, so I guess they raised the price after seeing they got linked on BB.


For me it shows $10.99 for all colors except red, which is $17.33. Everyone knows red things cost more.

Count to ten thousand!

Except barns of course.


Can’t fool me. All barns are red.


Weird, I’m seeing $9.99 for red. I tried it in private browsing mode to see if being logged in to Amazon or whether Mark’s affiliate link made a difference. Also tried private mode using my sel instead of home ISP. Always $9.99. Is Amazon doing regional pricing or some other market testing?


Well who’s the leader of the Power Rangers? The red one, of course. Always the red one. Stools, too.


I dunno. A red stool may mean you should consult a doctor right away…


Not when Tommy was the White Ranger - then he was in charge.


The filing date on the Kikkerland patent goes back only to 2014. There are several essentially-identical stools patented in the 20 years before that. The original geometry seems to go back to a Reed E. Henschel in '85, though he might have adapted it from somewhere else.


I bought mine at least 5 years ago. On a road trip in Montreal. I know when because we were on our way to a wedding and the dogs were only puppies. The plot thickens!

Inneresting! Stool mystery!


These are no good. I know someone who was standing on one when it broke beneath them, so watch out! You’d be better off with a Kik-Step stool.


I was using one of these recently (different brand, but essentially identical) and it broke apart and collapsed under me. I’m not particularly heavy. I landed on my feet, unharmed, but I would not recommend using these. A person who is elderly, or heavy (maybe lifting something heavy) could get hurt. If you have one and notice it is a little bit damaged from use (as mine was) it would be a good idea to trash it.

Edit: Jeninlb’s post above came in a moment before mine. Yeah, they’re not really safe.


I just bought one at either Big Lots! or Grocery Outlet for $9.99. It still has the sticker; “Total Vision presents Easy Step Up.”

It is rated at 250 lbs., and actually doesn’t look at heavy duty as Mark’s.

fwiw it is green.


I don’t se this on the Bristol Stool Chart at all


I wouldn’t buy it for a small child because it’s a bit on the heavy side, and also you can get your fingers caught in the handle mechanism while unfolding, which combined with substantial weight can be painful for small hands.


I have a bad feeling