Stroller folds up small enough to fit in a shopping bag

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just make sure to remember to take the babby out first


If the baby folds into the stroller too, then it will be a hit

The Amazon link is wrong (the link goes to the Goodbaby QBIT instead of the Goodbaby Pockit). Cory fixed the link.

Here’s the Amazon link to the winner of the 2014 Guinness World Record for Most Compact Stroller, the Goodbaby Pockit:

Also, here’s a video of the Goodbaby Pockit in action:

Americans like their strollers like their SUVs…massive and impractical. It has to do with their egos and the 5 tons of crap they think they need to haul along. I’ve never seen a parent pack up a stroller in anything less than around 12 minutes.



[T]he Pockit doesn’t recline, and its short handles mean that you sometimes end up kicking the back wheels while you’re pushing it.

But it’s a marvelous piece of industrial design.

These sentences appear to contradict each other.


the industrial design is flawless. problematic is the natural design of human legs and feet.


…said Judy to Punch.

Actually, I was going to suggest stroller in one bag, and the baby in another.


hmm Amazon is listing it as $539.95 some sort of boingboing surge pricing?

New Disney movie: “Honey, I Folded Up The Kids!”

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FWIW, as someone who was given the equivalent stroller a few decades ago (yikes!): this kind of design is horrible. When you’ve got a baby, they need to be able to recline and/or face you and/or have better sun shade, and you’re carrying a boatload of related stuff with you anyway so being able to fold up the stroller is not helpful (you don’t have the free hands to do it, or to carry it). Plus, they’re relatively fragile, and you’re not willing to just leave them anywhere because they’re so expensive (the stroller, not the baby…although this sentence does apply equally to both!).

And then, when your kid is a toddler, a cheap stroller is all you need because most of the time they’re not in it, it’s just there for when they get too tired/cranky to keep walking on their own.


I agree with “But it’s a marvellous piece of industrial design.”

But my type has gone with a sling, a long time, and after that a ‘Bondo’, and after that a ‘Rose and Rebellion’. But I can imagine if you have more than one,or get dead tired of the ‘in and out’, you would love a stroller.

But the shipping is free. What’s your problem?


Foldie video showing child held in parents’ auxillary arms wasn’t cool enough, eh?
Well, there’s another 20 month old opted over to the Singularity, and the organs banked better every time. I’m off to squeeze out more eggs and sip a Dr. Manhattan.

Though, for $180, replacement strollers should include baby spin cycles. Or a breast pump if one has to walk funny anyhow. Still in beta shipping in XXL format to comedy show sets?

Appropriately for Amazon cultures, you go to the Waashii and no man is ever involved, then you pick up your child when she is ready to hunt and wrestle with the tribe. I mean, if you want artifacts, they’ll give you those, but…


That solves everything! Just ship your baby wherever it is you’re going.


And once they’re old enough to walk, the only stroller has to be one they hate. That way they use their own legs and you can get rid of it quickly … :smiling_imp:


It appears that the only sellers on Amazon are third party merchants who have really jacked up the price. If you go to other sites like Toys R Us or Bed Bath & Beyond, you can get this stroller for the regular price of $250.

Semi-OT, I recently saw a twin stroller where the babbys’ seats were oriented sideways so that the stroller’s width didn’t take up the whole goddamned sidewalk. The seats also appeared to be car seats removable from the stroller frame, and presumably upgradable as the kids grow. Why aren’t all twin strollers like that‽