UppaBaby G-Lite stroller: lightweight baby transportation


We have the reclining version, and yeah, it’s fantastic. I use the “big” stroller for when I’m going for a several-miles-long walk including places with no sidewalks, etc. but otherwise it’s all about our “little” stroller. I take this one anytime we go someplace in the car, we take it anytime we’re flying (they make a great bag for it) and it’s so small and lightweight I can even easily take it with me on public transit. We compared a TON of umbrella strollers and this was the only one that really hit all the requirements on our list. The sunshade is definitely one of the best features, it’s WAY better than any others, and that was a huge deal for us because we live at the beach.

My daughter is 15 now, but we used to have something that looked really similar that was very handy - the seat could recline and go upright, plus a shade thing. I think mine was a hand me down and I don’t think it was anywhere near $150 new.

I found the strollers so awkward that eventually I just carried my kid around, even when she got heavier. She still wasn’t as heavy as the stroller and went up and down stairs much better. Maybe I found this worked just as well because my kid did not do naps, so we never got to use the recline feature much, or even were able to keep her into the stroller.

“Children are compact and inexpensive. The accessories and maintenance fees, on the other hand…”


Kind of can’t believe I’m posting a review of baby gear here, but 100% agree. We got the expensive monster stroller and used it twice. Too heavy, too bulky. Used our G-lite every day. Toss in the car, on the bus, on the plane, etc. Comfy, light, perfect.

I love strollers like this. I used to push my girl in hers one-handed, so I could walk alongside her & we could talk face-to-face.

But what if my baby is not lightweight?

What’s the reclining version called? The major complaint about this one seems to be that it doesn’t recline, making it difficult for sleeping babies and not appropriate for younger children.

It’s the G-Lux (or “luxe,” not sure and not home at the moment). Should be available from anywhere that carries the other model, and comes in similar colors. I think it weighs a few ounces more but it’s still super lightweight. I also love that it stands up by itself when folded…super helpful when you’re alone and need your hands free for a moment.

ETA: http://uppababy.com/g-luxe/overview/

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We have an UppaBaby Vista, which is a bit of a beast but can absolutely take a huge beating. It stays in the trunk of our car, and is super awesome for everyday use. It is a bit bulky, but for the most part it’s not too troublesome trying to navigate it through crowded areas. But we also picked up a Britax Blink for convenience, and it has become our go-to travel stroller. The UppaBaby is great, but when we’re flying someplace that we’re going to have limited space in cars and things, it’s just easier to bring along the Blink. It wasn’t quite as expensive as the G-Lite, but it’s also something like twice as heavy (still not too bad, in general we’re rarely carrying it long distances any way, and size-wise, it’s compact enough for our needs)

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Good to know. we have a Britax B-Agile that I like for its compatibility with the infant car seat and also because it has big wheels and long wheelbase for a more comfortable ride on longer/rough path walks, but I realize I’m going to need something light weight pretty soon as well.

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