Strollers suck so these designers made their own amazing, lightweight, compact marvel

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It looks like they reinvented (and improved) the sling-style strollers from the 70s.

I know a lot of parents who would say, “but where do I put all the baby stuff – the changes of clothes, the diapers, the bottles, the blankets, the toys, the wet wipes?” And all I can think is, ask someone who was a parent in the 70s. I hear all the time that standards have changed, but were 70s kids really that neglected? I just don’t see the justification for SUV baby strollers.


Looks neat, though not sure how much better than an “umbrella” stroller. Granted there are a lot of poorly made ones out there, but there are also a lot of well made ones out there.

Depends what you are doing too. All day at a theme park? Those large obnoxious ones are awesome for carting you shit for all day (not just baby stuff.)

Out for a few hours? Small shoulder bag can hold all the baby needs. Depends on the person too. Some women need a bag of holding for all the stuff they cart around, and others do it with a small bag. Dads can have MOLLE packs for diapers that look bigger than a soldiers rucksack, or a slim one strap bag.


I have GB Pockit and it’s pretty sturdy compared to how this one looks. Folds slight bit more compact as well. Travels really well, can bring it in cabin, and reasonably priced.
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Also, the one in the video doesn’t seem to have rotating front casters. That’s essential in close quarters maneuvering (e.g., in stores).


Answer: they carried all that shit in their hands or on their backs while desperately wishing there was an easier way to lug it all around.

We actually, thanks to coming across a heavily discounted floor model, basically have this stroller, only made by MacLaren (not the racecar people, I was disappointed to find out). It also features a full sun shade and also a rain shield, the former critical in AZ.


We had one of the small umbrella strollers, and one of the huge Kenworth-powered strollers for days at Disneyland and such.

Then we went to Europe (with the umbrella stroller) and saw someone on the bus with a MacLaren stroller. We immediately went to Argos (a catalog distributor in the UK), bought one, and pitched the umbrella stroller in the trash. (MacLaren wasn’t available in the US at the time, and even the MacLaren strollers available now in the US are NOTHING like the ones available in Europe then.)

Never regretted that purchase, or pitching the POS umbrella stroller. Never used the big one again either. The MacLaren was a better stroller than BOTH of the other ones put together.


I was always very frustrated by the poor design that takes place on kids toys. We had a highchair that clamped onto the table-- it folded to about 10 inches thick. After studying the chair for about 10 minutes I realized that if you moved a particular pivot about an inch backwards the chair would fold to about 3 inches thick, with no compromise in strength.

As an engineer, I wonder, how do you miss something like that?

I always wanted to design stuff like this so it would be better designed.


Hmm. We could help each other, because really, only the will is stopping us living our dreams, we just have to commit, and we can do it. You should live yours, and design and sell world beating stuff, then send me the money. My dream is people sending me lots of money. :smile:
I kid. Seriously, I often think just as you said

when looking at stuff. Sometimes stuff made by serious design, they go overboard for the look and it costs the thing utility. Which burns me up.

Yogurt containers that take up half the space in the fridge, for very little substance, but they are made to “look” swish and futuristic. Food containers should be square, and then the fridge would not be crowded out with containers at the expense of the contents.


Yeah I was gonna say. My folks had something nearly identical in the 80’s. Sling style stroller with a hinged push arm. Made it through 3 kids and untold baby dolls. I was pretty young at the time but IIRC only good for toddlers or older babies.


They could have just wore their baby in a sling or similar style carrier. I always found them much easier to use then strollers or car seats with a handle. Less parts to fail and time tested (people have been wearing their babies for 1000s of years).


“The entire stroller can fit in the overhead compartment, or under the seat of an aircraft.”

Just ask the friendly crew from United Airlines. They’re eager to help stuff you … ehm your stroller under the seat.


If it works for them, great.


2kg is a lot of weight to carry on one arm.
She looks to be leaning over when walking (i.e. it looks too low down)
The wheels don’t turn 360 degrees.
There’s no rain hood
The wheels look small for any rough ground
There’s nowhere to put coats, nappies, etc
There doesn’t seem to be a brake on the wheels.
It’s not shaped like a shark


Why don’t they show the mother in the process folding it? (It’s either folded or unfolded.) Because it’s probably a pain.

I don’t see how this is any better than a cheap umbrella stroller, other than being able to brag to your hipster friends about having paid $750 for a handmade, ingenious but inconvenient stroller.


You forgot something: if they don’t show how it folds, it’s probably difficult.

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This one comes from Japan. I find it hard to beat the compactness :slight_smile:


Yep - after extensive research, avoiding the likes of Victoria Beckham’s Bugaboos, enjoyed MacLarens too, they are fabulous.


Yup. MacLaren FTW. I liked to lock the front wheels and steer by flexing the frame, so I could push it one-handed and walk alongside the baba and talk to her.


I’m in the process of fitting scooter wheels to a fairly old Esprit double stroller. I’ve looked at so many different strollers, their wheels and how they’re attached to the frame, it’s ridiculous how awful stuff can be built.

I hope that the rest of the stroller will handle the forces from the wheels. It’ll be great to have one that’s actually easy to push, but for how long…

Really like the one from the video, thanks for sharing it.

Someone has to say it, so: where’s the laser?


How heavy is the baby? With these things you just tilt and pivot on two wheels. We had something similar a long time ago, and it worked extremely well, but in the interim everything - houses, cars, buggies - seems to have swollen enormously. Eventually there will be complete gridlock.