Toronto's Hacklab raising money to help it move into larger space


Props to you young entrepreneurs, hackers, and vegan hippies. You may want to consider charging rent-- it will do several things for you:

  • focus your priorities on the important projects
  • cover the costs of the space
  • raise the commitment level of those willing to pay

The rent doesn’t have to be the same for everyone. You can work out whatever Widow’s Mite formula you want. Begging for funds from external sources isn’t probably the best thing for your brand, however, IMHO.

They charge a monthly membership fee, so they’re covered for regular operations. I’d imagine this is a one-time costs thing.

I’ve been meaning to try signing up for a while - now they’ve got extra space I’ll be all over it!

Tucson’s Xerocraft just moved into a much larger space, courtesy the city’s restoration of an historical warehouse, and had their grand opening today. Well worth it. Now it’s the coolest hangout in town!

It would be nice if the city supported this, in the same way that York Region was (is, maybe still) looking at opening a few makerspaces. York also has — for any business, of any size, in the area — a space where high-end fab equipment can be used at cost recovery rates.

But this is Toronto. We’d never do that.

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