Touching new Neil Young song, "Light a Candle"

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Neil Young is still alive? I thought he was dead. A surprise, to be sure, but a welcome one. The song is beautyfull.

Posted to YT in 2014. How is this new?


The dreaded Covid time dilation. It’s a curse.

The album was released in 2009.


Everything that was old is new again. And Neil Young is definitely old. Although I think perhaps he always was.

This post is clearly from 10 years in the past, but it’s nevertheless worth pointing out that Fork in the Road is GREAT. It’s a concept album about Young’s buddy converting a Lincoln Continental to an all-electric vehicle. It also includes one of my favorite rhymes ever:

I’m a big Rock Star
My sales have tanked
I’ve still got you

A few years later the continental caught fire and burned down a warehouse full of Young’s stuff.

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