Neil Young tells Spotify to pull his music if they don't drop Joe Rogan

Originally published at: Neil Young tells Spotify to pull his music if they don't drop Joe Rogan | Boing Boing


So Neil Young - Eric Clapton faceoff? Money’s on Neil.

Spotify may change their, uh, …tune if more than half of their subscribers dropped off.


Sounds like Neil Young wants to keep on rockin in the free world. :fist:


i bet his manager told him to pull the statement and stay on spotify, but i’m #TeamNeil.


Wait! Spotify gave this douchebag $100 million for exclusive rights to misinform and hate? Any corporation or start-up will only pay lip-service to freedom and democracy and diversity until fascism fills they’re coffers more. It’s all marketing. It’s money. It’s sad.


I’m not sure if this is contributing to anything other than polarizing our society. There’s nothing wrong with Neil Young, I love his music. There is nothing wrong with Joe Rogan, he has a great podcast. CNN, MSNBC calling him anti-vaxxer is not helping. Joe refused to have Donald Trump - twice! - on his podcast when those two networks were living from covering anything related to Trump. Please, keep the dialogue open, have a difference of opinion. Joe Rogan is not your enemy.


Maybe Rogan needs to stop spreading dangerous medical misinformation and bigoted bullshit that is actively hurting actual people? There is nothing but BS in his covid comments and he’s actively contributing to the dehumanization of trans folks. People’s humanity is not something that should EVER be up for debate.

He is when he endangers other human beings.


There is nothing wrong with Joe Rogan, he has a great podcast.

Joe Rogan used to be great, he was good at prompting guests, then shutting up and letting them speak. He has since jumped the shark.


I’m trans. Joe Rogan is very much my enemy.


He’s always had a problem with promoting dangerous individuals, though, and trying to spin it as “discourse”… He can fuck off, promoting bullshit for $$$$.


And greed, but that’s implied.


Yes, you’re correct. I always selectively chose which of his podcasts to listen to, so I avoided most, but definitely not all, of that. So calling him “great” was probably not warranted. But he’s gone from worth listening to for an interesting guest to completely unlistenable no matter who the guest.


Never heard Joe Rogan, only heard of him. Wouldn’t miss him.
I would miss Neil Young.
But I moved from Spotify to Apple Music a while ago, so no skin off my nose personally.


And this is where we part ways.

How Robert Malone, vaccine scientist spreading misinformation, was embraced by Joe Rogan, anti-vaxxers - The Washington Post

His claims and suggestions have been discredited and denounced by medical professionals as not only wrong, but also dangerous. Twitter barred him for violating the platform’s coronavirus misinformation policy, but he has found platforms elsewhere — recently appearing on an episode of Joe Rogan’s wildly popular podcast, which averages 11 million listeners per episode.
That show — along with guest spots on Fox News programming hosted by Tucker Carlson and Laura Ingraham — has thrust the 62-year-old into the limelight at a crucial time of the pandemic, when unvaccinated patients continue to fill ICU wards.

Podcast host Joe Rogan clarifies vaccination comments: ‘I’m not anti-vax’ - BBC News

But Rogan did not walk back his suggestion that the young and healthy do not “need” vaccines, which drew backlash from White House officials.

Howard Stern slams Joe Rogan over anti-vaccine ‘nonsense’ - Los Angeles Times (

At issue for Stern was Rogan’s use of doctor-prescribed ivermectin — an anti-parasitic drug that in humans is used to treat river blindness and intestinal roundworm but has no proven effectiveness against the coronavirus — as part of his treatment for COVID-19.

When we are at the point the Howard Stern is a voice of reason, we are in a truly dark time.

Joe Rogan has said repeatedly that he is not a doctor, and people should not take medical advice from him. And yet he keeps spouting it! No, he is not a good person, and is best consigned to a very quiet part of hell.


Joe Rogan? The guy that used to make people eat bugs in return for money? That damn fool!


Then he started acting less like a neutral observer and more of a true believer in the nonsense being said. “He got high on his own supply”.



What we need is for many big musicians to follow Young, that will force Spotify to cut their losses.


Nah, the guy from News Radio.


Mine as well, because anyone who targets such a small non-threating minority is eventually going to set their sights on anyone else who is also “Other” and I say fuck that noise.

Unfuck anyone who profits off hate-mongering; may they step on ALL the legos while barefoot…