Tour de Fat hits Fort Collins


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In 1980 I began publishing the first magazine for mountain bikers, the Fat Tire Flyer.

New Belgium “borrowed” the name of my magazine for a promotional flying disc, commonly called a Frisbee ™. They call their flying disc a “Fat Tire Flyer,” reproducing the variant spelling we used in our title. The common spelling for one who flies is “flier.” The spelling “flyer” is associated with circulated literature. The promotional flying disc is not a printed circular.

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Looks like a lot of fun, Rob! Great post.

It’s something you have to experience…

The only real problem is that there are so many people, you really can’t ride the bikes well. Most people basically walk the route now.

It was funny. The crowd of bicyclists is all rared up, the announcers are hortatin’, there’s a countdown, there’s a crescendo of horns, ringers and cheering, and then GO…

And the field starts shuffling forward on their bikes at sub-walking speed.

A few years back, it used to run a different route. Would go to City Park, then back to the brewery. That took it across College… and the train tracks. You could ride as opposed to walk at the time, but it was funny to see 12,000 people waiting for a train to pass by…

I never went to Tour de Fat when I lived there, but there were a few times where I was riding the bus while running errands and I would suddenly notice this large group of strangely dressed people … there would usually be a moment of WTF? before I remembered what was going on.

I always wondered why Fort Collins does not seem to have any overpasses or underpasses for the train tracks.

Also, it is 12,000 people waiting for a train to sloooowly and loudly pass by …

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