Tourist-infested Venice banning loudspeakers and groups larger than 25

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Huh. I’d heard that tourists already outnumbered residents in Venice when I visited decades ago. And the city has been a major tourist destination for centuries with tourism overtaking trade as their main economic driver in the late 1700’s (been a long time now since they were a major shipping hub) so this doesn’t feel new.


Disrupting “influencers” seems like a good idea, but it might backfire as they pivot to find new and even more obnoxious ways to film themselves.


Sometimes when the city floods (or even when it doesn’t) you see obnoxious tourists donning swimsuits… apparently oblivious to the fact that Venice’s primary transportation system does double duty as its sewage system.



I’ve always wanted to go to Venice, but never really put it on my list because I have no interest in being yet another awful tourist. I live in a tourist town, I know very well the love-hate relationship with tourists (thank you for the money, could you please not clog the road I need to get to work!).


Between this and the city steadily sinking and crumbling into nothingness, I feel lucky that I got to see it over a decade ago. No offense intended to the city or its residents, but one visit was enough for me. It was fun to wander and explore and certainly a unique destination, but the slow water taxis make it time-consuming to navigate and the only food I could find was both expensive and mediocre. There are lots of other destinations even just in Italy that are more enjoyable and affordable on the whole, and probably less dense with these jerky kinds of tourists causing trouble.

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Honoré Lachaille: “Don’t tell me Venice has no lure.”
Gaston Lachaille" “It’s just a town without a sewer.”

Best rhyme in musicals.



I’ve been there once. My kiddo just came back from a trip there in November. It is a really neat place. But yeah, a lot of tourists.

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