"Touron" who ignores warning signs at Yellowstone National Park for photo-op gets thrown in jail

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Idiots risking their lives this way also put any would-be first responders at risk too.


Throwing him in jail is probably cheaper than the potential liability coming from that idiot. Good. :smiley:


It is extremely disrespectful to park employees to get too close to the geothermal features. Yes; the boiling acidic pools will probably dissolve your organic remains, but who knows what bits of shoes or clothing may be left behind for some poor ranger to clean up?




Even if the idiots weren’t putting themselves and others at risk, staying on the boardwalks is important to keep these formations from getting trampled by foot traffic.

The last time that I was in Yellowstone there was a foolish tourist who left the boardwalk and walked on an intricate mineral formation below to retrieve a hat that had been blown off. She probably wasn’t at any huge risk due to the type of formation that she was walking on but she definitely risked causing irreparable damage to the mineral deposits. I got the impression that she didn’t speak English but she certainly knew that she shouldn’t have been there. Dozens of people on the boardwalk were yelling at her to stop, but I guess retrieving the cheap hat was a really high priority for her.


That touron got lucky that all they earned was a week in jail, a fine, and a ban from the park. It’s better than however long they’d have ended up in the hospital (or the morgue!) had it erupted while he was next to it.


Yet another example of “It could be that the purpose of your life is only to serve as a warning for others.”


Normally, when a Yellowstone tourist disrespects animals, nature, and park rules for the sake of a selfie, they …

… can count themselves lucky if they only end up in jail, rather than being dissolved in a hot spring, gored by a bison or mauled by a bear.


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