Tours of dead malls

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This “Dan Bell” sounds like David Cross

All I see are spaces crying out to become skate parks.

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I’m a huge fan of Dan’s Dead Mall Series. It’s worth watching all of them, because you learn a lot about the weird economics of malls. They’re often legally required to remain open even if there’s only one store remaining, due to long commercial leases. For example, he toured a huge empty mall with one successful hairdresser sitting in a corner at the end, still frequented by locals. Of course, they aren’t required to maintain the building to any sort of standard, so it turns into Thunderdome pretty quickly in the rest of the space.

Also ‘80s nostalgia.


I love this series. All of those massive decaying structures really give you the vibe of a diying civilisation.

Misread the headline as being about a band named Dead Malls and their different tours, presumably of bowling alleys and Holiday Inns across the US.

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