Toy makers tap into what kids really want: 'Unrolling is the new unboxing'

If it is all about the anticipation and surprise just buy aJack-in-box and and you can repeat ad infinitum.


I am sooo remembering to get a video of my girlfriend’s face when she unwraps her Chipotle burrito to find I’ve written Marry Me? with chillis and the ring hidden inside that gorgeous shredded beef…

crappy overpriced stuffies, still cheaper than carnival ones!

The play time activity I remember best from my childhood is the summer our neighbor got all new kitchen appliances and a new washer dryer, and gave me all the big boxes. My friends and brother and I made a huge spaceship fort in the screen porch, with side rooms, control panels with real turning knobs made from old wooden thread spools, we marker drew on every surface, inside and out, and the absolute best part, I set up a mattress and bed in one part and slept in the box fort ALL SUMMER! How did I not die of heat stroke? I don’t know, but it was awesome!

Other than that the only toy I can remember was my light bright and my easy bake oven.

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And shrinky dinks.

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