Entertaining video series on how to ship things


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Shipping things…

A show about shipping things…

Today we are talking about boxes…

Got it!


Am I doing it right?





I wish the guy who sent me a mint condition in wrapper, 40 yr old record, in BUBBLE ENVELOPE with NOTHING to stiffen it. Yes it was broken.


A little off-topic, but can you imagine how many takes it took to get everyone in that commercial to deliver their lines with a straight face? Pretty sure I couldn’t do it.


I guess because it’s about shipping they didn’t mention archival boxes, which are a sort of FOL with side flaps on the lower, bottom flap so that it can be assembled without glue or tape, but still hold significant weight.

Of course my pet box peeve is people who assemble RSC boxes using the each flap overlaps the next flap on the bottom before taping them. Which makes the box significantly less strong because the tape can only cover half the seam.


If Amazon has taught me anything it’s that the proper way to ship small items is to put each one individually into a much much larger boxes and then fill the empty space with that air pillow packaging.


I think the people who package Amazon orders are told by a computer what packaging to use. Any deviation is probably punished, so there is no incentive for the packers to fix issues.


I’ve had this happen with items about the size of a DVD case. roughly speaking, and had them shipped to me in a box larger than the one in the video.


OTOH, I can imagine that using a too large box is a little mini act of rebellion against “the man.”


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