Hilarious video on speedy package shipping options

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We were joking about Fedex “Previous Day” delivery in the 90s. “You should have gotten it; we’re planning on shipping it this afternoon.”

I would link the SNL video for “Einstein Express” right about here but NBC only wants you to watch their videos on their crappy Flash based site. So fuck them.

(Actually now that I think of it I think the gag there was a shipping company that would take the blame for late packages you forgot to send out, even applying tire tracks to the package to make it look like it was left in a parking lot)

When it absolutely has to be there the day before yesterday


My favourite from the Loading Ready Run crew:


Speaking of delivery:

“Hilarious video” is pushing it. It was an amusing blackout sketch.

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It’s Youtube, Jake. When regular news items about mundane events are titled like “Anderson Cooper EVISCERATES Repub Senator over Health Bill, Leaving His Guts in a Puddle on the Studio Floor”, then “hilarious” misused as a synonym for “amusing” barely registers.

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