A toy vacuum for kids that actually works—sort of


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Still better than a Harbor Freight shop-vac.


YouTube videos of disassembly and “upgrades” in 3, 2, 1…


It’s a dustbuster with an oversized shell.

Probably an ok toy given how much my kids loved playing with the dust buster. Not too much stuff got clean sadly.


This toy sucks.


Did anyone notice the pink one cost more? I did not see any difference, but I hope there is.


The point is to capitalize on that time period during toddlerhood where the kid wants to help with everything. When they get older, they do chores with less pushback bc helping with chores is normal.


Indeed – when I was a wee-one, the “toy vacuum” presented to my siblings and I was a Bissel carpet sweeper. “real” vacuum-cleaners in that era were heavy beasts, but the “bissel” (a generic term for carpet sweeper at least in my extended family, much like “hoover” is still for vacuums at least in the UK) was also functional for lifting dust and messes.


Miele had one that also sucked, but then they de-engineered it and made it not suck anything, for fewer moving parts. Turns out kids didn’t really stick around to vacuum up all the styrofoam bits, so better not to scatter anything around the house for no reason other than to vacuum them up with your regular vacuum.


I clicked through too—it looks like the pink ones are from a different seller. The yellow ones are sold and shipped by Amazon. And Amazon has become notorious for waaaay undercutting their outside sellers*.

*(Is “outside seller” the term I’m looking for? Seems like it’s something else, but I can’t remember at the moment.)


Ah, the last few years I was working seasonally at a toy warehouse at this time of year. I handled a few of these toy Dyson vacuums—they were so cute! Not working there this year, though, and now I’m getting nostalgic for all the toys. We didn’t play with them, of course, it was just fun getting to see them all and thinking about kids having fun with them. Some seemed ridiculous and some were really appealing.

The only one I truly coveted, though, was this set of toy stainless steel pots and pans from Mel&Doug. I wanted to buy it for myself! They’re like real pots and pans, just smaller. So cute you could hardly stand it.




Good catch, and you are correct. They now have a 4th one that it is also more expensive, and not from Amazon. I am glad it’s not just a “Pink Tax”. That would have been low.


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