This vacuum is cordless, provides 40 minutes of cleaning per charge—and it's on sale

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Oh hey, look at that the BB store is selling a rip-off copy of what’s probably a far better product (the original Dyson version of this).


I have a Vax version and it was a fraction of the Dyson price (I got an offer by subscribing to their newsletter, but it’s probably still cheaper) and it works as well as I would expect any vacuum to work.

They are up to Blade 3 and 4 now but I think mine was a Blade 1 or 2.

I suspect they may not be distributed in the USA, though.

I have never bought anything by Dyson, on principle.

Splendidly, for me, the bug that mixes all the youtube embeds on the page has put Leeeeroy Jenkins on as the promo vid. Which is pretty much my approach to vacuuming: attack insurmountable odds, fail horribly :smiley:

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