I’ve been happily using this cordless vacuum since 2015

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We use this same model in our house, and I have to agree: works well, tough, easy to take apart and empty, and you can suck up a lot of small crap in hard-to-reach corners on one charge.

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Why not get a vacuum that uses the same batteries that your power tools use? I’ve got a Makita vac that is great and uses the same batteries as my drills.

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Be fun to give this as a gift and tell them it’s a leaf blower.

Technically, it could pick up one leaf at a time!

I bought a pretty cheap cordless vacuum for around $20 about 10 years ago, and its batteries died two years later right after the warranty had expired.

I thought if it’s broken anyway, it can’t hurt to open it and see if it can be fixed. Fortunately it ran on 18650 batteries, which can easily be replaced.

However, in this case all I had to do was revive said batteries in a charger with 0 Volt activation, and it runs perfectly fine on its original batteries to this day.

I used an Xtar charger like this one, but these days I would rather get the PB2S, which can also be used as a handy USB-C power bank.

There’s loads of repair videos for the Dustbuster on Youtube, and it seems it also has a pack of six 16850 batteries inside.

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Any mess I could pick up with a portable vac I could pick up just as easily by using my fingers to put it into my hand, into the trash.

I have Makita drills too, but their damn vacuums cost more than twice a dustbuster.

You don’t have indoor cats then, I take it :stuck_out_tongue: Enthusiastic scrabbling in litterbox usually leads to an overflow condition.


I take it you never refilled a beanbag.

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“My favorite cordless vacuum”

Yeah, lost me at this point.

Can we maybe agree that during a pandemic, when the livelihoods of small business owners are being threatened and destroyed depending on where you live, that it’s a bad time to be pushing Amazon? It’s an objectively terrible company.

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I use it to deal with the little dust bunnies that come from both my cat and I being long-haired.

I have an older ( 10 years? ) model still going strong.
Used almost daily.

Folks wary of the likely battery death of wireless models may enjoy this adorable little corded orange hand vac that has an extremely long cord that lets me get anywhere in my apartment, despite perversely-placed outlets. I’ve enjoyed my time with this one, plus it looks like something an Akira Toriyama character would own.

It means something.


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