Toymaker to produce line of plastic army women

Me: Thanks for being inclusive of women! Us guys shouldn’t have all the fun!

Also me: Wait, this is where you equalize? Really?

Also also me: You know what? F**k it. More women with bazookas in this world might not be the worst thing.


I’d play with those.


If they want to be inclusive, what they REALLY need to add is a collection of figures doing the sorts of rear-echelon work most soldiers spend their time doing: Fixing trucks, briefing power points, filing requisition paperwork, that sort of thing.


The original green army guys were based off of WWII designs.

OR, will it be left wing outrage for perpetuating the normality of an imperialist military?

Yes, yes, we all saw Full Metal Jacket :wink:

So did the Russians, specifically as snipers. Israeli women serve combat roles.

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Maybe. But as someone who kept playing with toy soldiers we also learn that it really sucks and the odds of YOU surviving are not good and maybe there really is a better way to do things. None of the tabletop gamers I played with, doubly so for the vets thought that it being real would be fun.

I would buy these… And have them smash the patriarchy!


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When I was big into paintball, some of the regulars were either in ROTC at the college, or serving at the nearby Ft Riley. Not sure how we got on the subject, but each “job” has some sort of attrition rating. Like one guy was a gunner on a tank and was expected to last like 15 min in a battle or something like that.


right? and what about the green army veterans, being denied mental health claims, going to court for assault charges, trying to find a ride to the v.a.


So… Progress :question: :thinking:

(/s, in case that is not apparent)



“Thanks to Fleet Master Chief Orloff, I was supplied with an idea that could boost toy sales, but it got shelved due to budget constraints vs actual profit. Once there seemed to be the possibility we could actually make a profit on this, we decided to go into production.”

Hoo-rah for feminism. /s


I always thought it would be ‘fun,’ as an art project, to make some army figures with horrific injuries, along with civilian casualties, weeping mothers, etc., and add them into the packages.


How do we know at least some of those army “men” aren’t already women? Since they’re wearing army fatigues there’s no way to tell for sure.



Maybe you missed the video where the 6 year old girl in 2019 plays with them with her brother? These things still sell VERY well.

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If I had ever dreamed one could ask $600 apiece, I probably would have gone through with it.


Any excuse to re-post this:


You’re … not wrong.

But, I don’t think these will be used for historical wargaming by enthusiasts (or if they are, the provenance Will Be Known, and either go unremarked/understood for what it is or otherwise accepted for what it is regardless). As in many other things, representation matters, and the fact is, the modern military has women in it.

Kids may not appreciate that these toys emerged from a specific era, but they are the audience, and will bring their own ideas and imaginations into play.

Jingoism is a reasonable concern, but the responsibility is still in adult hands.

Just like toy cars and airplanes: the act of playing with those toys doesn’t meaningfully influence the current extinction and climate crisis—they’re just toys.

Sorry for the downer. I think these are nice toys, and the sentiment is worthy of a little recognition.


Talking about the underlying misogyny and the overwhelming toxic patriarchal attitudes which leads to half-measures such as this one is somehow “off-topic?”

Mkay, then.


I’m not sure if this is the right thread anymore but anyone who thought that women just stood there and screamed when their post was overrun during a war are out of there minds. Women fought in every single war the United States participated in since they were allowed to officially join the military.

I’d definitely buy a bag of these.