Toys 'R' Us stores will soon be appearing again across the U.S.

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Geppetto’s was our favorite toy store chain local to San Diego when we lived there. It didn’t really feel like a chain, though. I loved taking my son there when he was still in elementary school.


I imagine setting up at the airport is a good idea from the standpoint of making the kiddos happy, but I suspect that from a Capitalist point of view it’s going to be a real moneymaker because of captive buyers that airport terminals and cruise ships attract.

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Once a brand has been sucked dry by private equity bust-out artists, the only future that awaits it is as a shambling zombie reliant on an exploitative late-stage capitalist business model. From a distance it vaguely resembles what it once was, but get close enough and you’re repulsed by what you see.


Does the term “Nostalgia Brick n’ Mortar” appear in any bank loan application? i see there’s also an effort to summon Radio Shack from the dead: hackaday


For the size of the stores they’re going for, they should just bring back KB Toys instead. They’re never gonna make those stores that large anymore


Oddly enough, I’ve been pleasently surprised what Overstock has done with Bed, Bath, and Beyond. We just moved into a new place back in Feb (btw, moving 2/1 in Chicago wasn’t one of our brightest ideas), and we spent a lot of money there, then they went bust, and we’ve checked it out once Overstock took it over, and they’re doing some interesting stuff there. Not saying it’ll work out, but I can see this being an interesting new model for a brand that has a lot of positive brand equity.


The list is a bit out of date. The original Big Fun location in Cleveland Heights closed in 2018, before the article was written. I just saw that their Columbus location is still open on High Street.

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Jesus Christ. I must be tired after the Ren Fair, i read that as “Gestapo’s was our favorite toy store…”

Anyway, Loved to look at Toys R Us and their exclusives were cool.

It sucks that basically corporate bad business practices fucked the company.


A rather famous toy store (Детский мир, Children’s World) in Moscow was very close to the KGB Prison…

For years the initials KGB were only whispered in Soviet society. The very name of the agency was shrouded in euphemism, referred to by common people as “the organs” or “Children’s World (Detski Mir)”, a reference to the children’s department store next to Lubyanka. KGB employees were social lepers, who led privileged lives but were shunned by a justifiably wary populace. There was little public curiosity about the work of the organization; rather there was a wide spread desire on the part of Soviet citizens to keep the KGB as far out of sight, touch, and mind as possible. For a common person, any contact was like daring to touch a spider’s web.

Jeff Trimble (1997) Spreading The Word: The Kgb’s Image-Building Under Gorbachev*


Great! Maybe this time around they can sell me that pinwheel.


This sort of thing happens to me more than I’d like, being misunderstood. But it’s just a comment, afterall.

There’s a branch of Hamley’s after you through security at Heathrow airport. I checked it out the last time I was flying out from there (I’m a sucker for Transformers), but as one can probably expect the shop is small, and the stock is very limited with only a tiny selection from any given line and a lot of touristy tat. I can’t imagine the airport and cruise liner editions of Toys R Us will be any better appointed.


Toys ‘R’ Us 2.0 - This time, we are toys for real, like in Toy Story, or those 6 new Pinocchio movies.

Terra Toys for Austin


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